Sticky toffee pudding

This week’s bake was a bit of a tester as next weekend as part of my twelve bakes of Christmas I’m going to make Welsh Taffy which is a type of toffee that was traditionally a Christmas treat.  

Ive not done much baking with toffee and wanted to try adding salt to make a salted toffee and so I decided that a sticky toffee pudding would be a good bake to experiment on.  The pudding is really a cake mixture with treacle added to make the toffee fast and sticky bit of the pudding

It was a fun bake and I learnt that salt can ruin the bake very easily and finding the right amount to add can be hard.  I think also that salt in a pudding isn’t really right or maybe I just put too much in.  It was fun experimenting and hopefully when I come to make my Taffy It will taste even better.