These lovely Mokatines are made with a genoise sponge which is made by melting the butter which is then set to one side to cool slightly.  The eggs and sugar are whisked until the mixture is pale and mousse like.  The flour is then folded into the egg mixture and the cooled butter is folded into the mixture and the sponge is then baked for about 35 minutes.

Genoise sponge is thought to be lighter and more flavourful than a traditional sponge

I had great fun decorating the mokatines with cream using cocoa and coffee flavours and  to finish off some nuts and obviously the eating was even more fun


Frosted Walnut Cake

Yaay! The Great British Bake Off is back.

This is one of my favourite programmes on telly.  I love watching all the different bakers and how they deal with the pressure and I love how they get better and better in each episode. It does make me smile when they mess up as it means they are the same as me.

There are eleven episodes in this series and I thought it would be fun to try and follow all the bakes.  (Hopefully I’ll still be able to do it when I go back to school)

So for my first bake I have gone straight in with the technical challenge and made

Mary’s Frosted Walnut Layer Cake 

First of all I had to cover walnuts with caramel and the amazing thing is I managed to do this without burning myself (which is very unusual for me).

Then came the cake itself which is a classic vanilla sponge with roughly chopped walnuts mixed into the sponge mixture. This was then dived into three cake tins and baked  While the cakes were baking I made up a traditional butter icing that was then spread in-between each of the three layers of cake when they had cooked and cooled down.

The cake is then covered in a frosted icing.  This is like a meringue and is made from egg whites, sugar and cream of tartar all of which are placed in a bowl over a saucepan and is consistently whisked until it has thickened.  Mary Berry said it would take 8 – 10 minutes but I thought it took forever and my arm ached after all the whisking.  The frosted icing then has to be put onto the cake quickly before it crystallises.  I perhaps made the icing a bit too thick as it cooled a little bit too quickly when I spread it on the cake.

I wasn’t keen on baking this cake as I don’t really like walnuts but I loved making the frosting which was a new technique for me.

IMG_5755 IMG_5759


never tried out before, so baking them has been fun, as I got to try some different techniques, but also got to eat different things. Yummy.

Chequered Chocolate Ganache Cake

As I did my fiftieth blog last week and it is also my aunty’s birthday today I decided to celebrate by doing a showstopper cake from Mary Berry’s Showstoppers cook book.  I have chosen to do a chocolate chequered ganache cake.  Mary Berry says and it says it is not as difficult as it looks.

To get the chequered look you have to split the cake mixture up into three tins but it’s not just about putting cake mixture into a tin you have have pipe the mixture into the tins switching between a chocolate and a plain mix.

Making the cake was not the hardest bit but getting the chocolate swirls that went on top of the cake was really hard.  My first attempt ended up with no swirls and big blob of chocolate on the work surface.  After I cleaned up my first mess I then tried again and this time I got got some great twirls.

The cake is filled with a ganache and the outside is also covered with a ganache.  A ganache is made from chocolate and cream.  Some people say Ganache came from Switzerland and was used for making truffles and other people say it came from France where it was used for cakes.

I really enjoyed this bake and the best bit was when my aunty cut into the cake and saw the checks.


Baked Alaska

Baked ALaska is a pudding that has a sponge bottom with an ice-cream filling and then covered with either a pastry crust or meringue.  The pudding is then baked at a high temperature for a short time, long enough to cook the outer layer but not long enough to melt the iscecream

It is also known as omelette surprise, Glace au four, Omelette a la Norvegienne or Norwegian omelette.

This bake was full of lessons from making a sponge with no butter to forgetting to put all my egg whites in the bowl and trying to rescue my meringue mix as we had no more eggs.

As for the pudding it was yum!!


Did You Know:- Thomas Jefferson the third American President served ice cream covered in pastry at a banquet in the White House and this is where Baked Alaska is thought to have come from.

The 1st of February in America is Baked Alaska Day.