Funday Sunday Puddings

For this weeks Funday Sunday I’ve made a selection of mini puddings which is also known as a Cafe Groument.

My puddings consisted of a strawberry cheesecake, basil infused panna cotta, creme caramel, lemon meringue ice-cream and a shortbread biscuit.

It’s a lot of work but was worth it although when I came to serve my puddings I realised that a normal spoon was just a little bit too big for the glasses but luckily enough we had some baby spoons that came to the rescue




Meringue Ice Cream Cake

This year is turning into an amazing year as I found out this week I am going to a Bakery Demonstration at Abergavenny Food Festival with Frances Quinn who won the Great British Bake Off in 2013.  I’m so excited to meet her.

Back to my bake.  Meringues and ice cream are two of my favourite puddings so when I saw this recipe I got very excited as I was going to be able to have two of my favourite puddings in one go.

This pudding is made up by layering meringue, vanilla ice cream, raspberry sorbet and then another layer of meringue and then covered in cream.

The meringue was made by whisking together egg whites and sugar into stiff peaks and then splitting the mixture into two and spreading each portion into circles on greaseproof paper.  The meringue is then baked at a very low temperature for an hour, then the oven is turned off but the meringue is left in the oven until it is needed.


Whilst the meringue was cooking I made the strawberry sorbet by placing chopped strawberries in a bowl with lemon, water and sugar for 15 minutes.  The mixture is then put into the liquidiser and pulped to a liquid.  The mixture is then sieved to remove all the pips.  The sorbet is then put into a freezer container and placed in the freezer.  You need to stir the sorbet every couple of hours until it has fully set.


Once everything is made layer the pudding together by placing one of the meringue circles on the base then top with vanilla ice cream (I bought ice cream for the cake which is a bit naughty!).  Top the ice-cream with the set sorbet and top off with the second meringue.  Whip up cream and cover the pudding with the cream  and decorate with strawberries and some torn mint leaves and serve

The is perhaps the most yummiest pudding ever


Pwdin Nadolig – Christmas Pudding

Ive decided to do twelve bakes of christmas and to add a little twist (as I’m Welsh) they are going to be based on Welsh recipes so between now and Christmas my baking theme will be the twelve bakes of a Welsh Christmas.

On the first bake of Christmas I made a Christmas pudding.  I used Mrs Beeton’s recipe for a Christmas plum pudding (recipe number1328).  Mrs Beeton’s recipes were very popular in Wales at the begining  of the 20th century.

This is an old recipe and you have work out some of the funny instructions like stone the raisins.  We don’t have stones in raisins anymore and the candied peel is sliced so I didn’t have to slice it as the recipe said.

It is usual to make the pudding before Christmas so that the pudding has time to  age which means the flavours taste better.

Once all the ingredients have been mixed together they are placed in a bowl a and covered with grease proof paper and tin foil to stop the water getting into the pudding when they are being steamed.  Mrs Beeton’s recipe said to cover the puddings with a floured cloth but I think thats because tin foil was not available or it was very expensive item to buy.

The puddings are steamed for five hours and then they are left till christmas day when they are steamed for another 2 hours before being served.

This was a fun bake although it was hard work as you have to keep an eye on the pudding while it is steaming and five hours is a long time.

It is traditional to put a small coin in the pudding mixture and the lucky person who gets the coin will get good luck for the year. IMG_3663