Strawberry Fritters

This is the best week ever because It’s half term so I get to fit in more bakes and also it was Shrove Tuesday which meant I got to eat as many pancakes as I wanted.  My favourite pancake filling is Nutella and strawberries.

So far this week I have made two coffee cakes, shortbread biscuits, two lemon drizzle cakes, mini meringues, Oreo cupcakes and for my blog strawberry fritters.IMG_4448

The strawberry fritters are made by making up a batter made up of 100g plain flour, 3 eggs, pinch of salt, 100ml of milk and 20g of sugar.

The flour and salt is sifted into a bowl, then separate two of the eggs putting the whites in a separate bowl and the yolks into the flour mix    .  Add the remaining third egg to the flour.  Whisk the flour mix until the ingredients are combined then gradually add the milk until the batter is smooth.  Then whisk the egg whites adding the sugar slowly to the mixture until you have soft peaks.   Gently fold the egg whites mixture into the batter mix with a metal spoon.  Place the mixture to one side.

Meanwhile heat a litre of grape seed oil in a saucepan to 180c.  For the filling you will need 30 strawberries.  Place a strawberry onto a skewer and dip into the batter mixture and then place into the hot oil.  Cook until golden.  When cooked place the fritter on some paper towel to remove any excess oil.  Then coat the fritter in cinnamon sugar which is made from 100g castor sugar mixed with 1 teaspoon of  ground cinnamon.  Cook the remaining strawberries making sure you don’t put more than two at time in the oil as this will reduce the temperature and ruin the fritter.


These fritters were a bit like doughnuts and when you bite into the fritter the strawberry was something like the strawberries you find in jam.  The only sad thing was that the fritters don’t last long and become soggy if left overnight.

IMG_4447 IMG_4453




I love pancakes so my bake this week had to be pancakes with my favourite topping Nutella and when I’ve had too much Nutella I then have them with sugar and a little bit of lemon.

Pancake mixture is a batter that is also used for Yorkshire pudding.  It is made from flour, eggs and milk.  The mixture is poured into a small frying pan and cooked for about half a minute and then you toss the pancake and gently cook the other side.

Did you know:-

Pancake day is on Shrove Tuesday and is known as pancake day.

Pancake day was done because you had to try and use up your ingredients before lent began.  Lent is when you give up something. and Shrove Tuesday is the last chance to enjoy yourself, and for you to use up foods that aren’t allowed in Lent like butter and eggs which are some of the ingredients in pancakes.

The word Shrove comes from the word Shrive which means confess. on shrove tuesday in the middle ages, people used to confess their sins so that they were forgiven before the season of lent began.

On pancake day Britain will use 52 million eggs  but on a normal day they will eat 30 million – thats a lot of eggs.