Frosted Walnut Cake

Yaay! The Great British Bake Off is back.

This is one of my favourite programmes on telly.  I love watching all the different bakers and how they deal with the pressure and I love how they get better and better in each episode. It does make me smile when they mess up as it means they are the same as me.

There are eleven episodes in this series and I thought it would be fun to try and follow all the bakes.  (Hopefully I’ll still be able to do it when I go back to school)

So for my first bake I have gone straight in with the technical challenge and made

Mary’s Frosted Walnut Layer Cake 

First of all I had to cover walnuts with caramel and the amazing thing is I managed to do this without burning myself (which is very unusual for me).

Then came the cake itself which is a classic vanilla sponge with roughly chopped walnuts mixed into the sponge mixture. This was then dived into three cake tins and baked  While the cakes were baking I made up a traditional butter icing that was then spread in-between each of the three layers of cake when they had cooked and cooled down.

The cake is then covered in a frosted icing.  This is like a meringue and is made from egg whites, sugar and cream of tartar all of which are placed in a bowl over a saucepan and is consistently whisked until it has thickened.  Mary Berry said it would take 8 – 10 minutes but I thought it took forever and my arm ached after all the whisking.  The frosted icing then has to be put onto the cake quickly before it crystallises.  I perhaps made the icing a bit too thick as it cooled a little bit too quickly when I spread it on the cake.

I wasn’t keen on baking this cake as I don’t really like walnuts but I loved making the frosting which was a new technique for me.

IMG_5755 IMG_5759


never tried out before, so baking them has been fun, as I got to try some different techniques, but also got to eat different things. Yummy.

Chocolate Eclairs

This week I cheated a little bit and didn’t follow my Patisserie book this is  because I’ve been wanting to make chocolate eclairs for ages and so I jumped over to my Mary Berry cookbook for todays bake.

Chocolate eclairs are made from a choux pastry which is made by heating water and butter until melted and then adding flour and mixing until you have a ball of paste.  Two eggs are then added to the mixture and mixed till you have a smooth and glossy mixture which is then piped onto grease proof paper and baked.

The pastry is cooked at a high temperature for 10 minutes and then the heat is reduced for 20 minutes to allow the pastry to rise.

When the eclairs been cooked and cooled down they are sliced down the middle and filled with whipped cream and then a mixture of melted chocolate, icing sugar and butter  are mixed together to form the chocolate topping which is spread onto of the eclairs.

These eclairs were absolutely yummy and i’m so glad I deviated from my book this week.


Chocolate swiss roll

This week I made chocolate swiss roll. This is not the first time I’ve made swiss roll. I tried to make it a couple of weeks ago but I think I over cooked the sponge as when I came to roll it, it crumbled all over the place.

This week was much better.

I used Merry Berrys recipe which does not contain any flour, and  I think it makes the  cake a lot lighter.

The key ingredients were eggs, coco power, baking powder, chocolate and sugar.

To help make the cake as light as it was I needed to separate the egg whites and whisk them until they formed peaks.  This is then folded into a melted chocolate and egg yolk mix, which forms a kind of mousse.

I then baked it and whilst waiting for it to cook I whisked up the cream for the centre of the swiss roll.

Once the sponge was cooked I let it cool this is to help it stay in shape when rolling it out.

When the sponge had cooled i laid it on a sheet of baking paper covered with icing sugar, this so that when IIMG_3299 finished rolling the swiss roll it would have icing sugar on the outside.

Before rolling I spread  the cream over the sponge and I then started to roll the sponge with the help of the baking paper.

This was a fun bake especially after making such a flop of the first attempt.



Spectacular Cake

I’m really sorry I didn’t blog yesterday but I had lots of homework! Yuk…… Next week I’m going to our local Clandestine Cake Club meeting. It’s a great way to share your cakes and meet other people who like to bake, there is probably a club near you so do look at their website (www.clandestinecakeclub). The theme for our meeting is spectacular so my bake this week is a spectacular cake. Pop back on Tuesday to see what I end up baking. Well I’m back……….. It’s been a hard bake this week as I was trying to bake Mary & Paul’s chocolate creation show stopper for our Clandestine Cake Club meet up tonight. Mary & Paul’s cake is a three tiered caked but after three attempts (thats nine cakes) I had to give up. I think I tried something that was a bit toooo advanced for me. So I ended up making a creation of my own which was my victoria sponge covered in a lemon butter icing with a white chocolate collar and topped off with strawberries. I had a great time at the Clandestine Cake Club and perhaps ate toooo much! I’ll be back tomorrow with my bake for the week. See you tomorrow.IMG_9683


IMG_8710Helloooooo – Myfanwy here, it’s week one and as my lovely Aunty Fi gave us lots of cooking apples I have decided to make an apple cake. I’m going to use Mary Berry’s Apple & Cinnamon cake recipe which my Mami made and it was lush so hopefully mine will be even better!

Pop back on Tuesday to see the results but it would be even more fun if you were to bake your own apple cake and post it on my blog and we can work out who’s cake is the best.

I’m off now to Bake n bake

Whey hey – I’ve baked my first blog and posted a picture of my finished cake. It didn’t rise like my Mam’s usually does so I need to work out what I’ve done wrong but it still tastes yummy especially warmed up and with ice-cream.

Pop by tomorrow to find out what this weeks challenge is going to be and remember you can bake along with me and post your creations on my blog.