Funday Sunday Chocolate Forest Sponge Cake Treat

Last week was a busy week as it was Mothering Sunday and my Mam’s birthday and so I made these lovely Chocolate Forest Sponge Cake Treats for her.

They are made up of a sponge cake with butter icing and layered with chocolate tuiles and then topped off with blueberries and a scattering of icing sugar.

Happing Birthday MamIMG_7085


Meringues with Chantilly Cream

So this week I made Meringues with Chantilly Cream.  I’ve made meringues before although this recipe was slightly different to what I normally make as the ingredients includes icing sugar.  Normally the meringues I make just have egg whites and castor sugar.

I decided to try and find out why icing sugar is added and while looking I came across a recipe for microwaved meringues which sounded a bit odd and reminded me of chocolate microwave mug cakes I used to make..  Icing sugar seems to be added as it is finer than sugar and also has starch in it which holds the meringue together.  I also think it makes the meringue nice and chewy.

People think meringues are difficult to make but so long as you make sure everything is clean and you cook them slowly on a very low temperature they are very easy to make.

The Chantilly cream is made up of icing sugar, cream and vanilla extract all whisked together and then placed between two meringues.

While I found it easy to make the meringues I still need to practise my piping which is one of my weaknesses.IMG_5307



IMG_2972This week I made gingerbread cake. This is a very fun bake and  I love the way that you have a runny mixture of black treacle, golden syrup and melted butter, and then you add the flour, spices and baking powder and it becomes like a wet dough mixture that turns into a cake. This is quite an easy bake and the cake is nice and not to gingery. The water icing makes it look very pretty with the chopped crystallised ginger pieces on top.IMG_2972