Funday Sunday Easter Bakes

Todays Funday Sunday bake is all about Easter.  Theres my chocolate sponge cakes filled with mini eggs, crushed crunchie, popping candy and covered with Nutella butter icing and chocolate buttons.  I’ve also made some chocolate chards  and placed them on top of the cakes.  This was a joint bake with the lovely Lauren Judd.

Then there are my easter chick cup cakes.

Happy Easter.


Hot cross buns

As it was Easter this weekend i decided to make hot cross buns. This bake was a challenge with a lot of new and hard techniques.

The dough was fun to make and shape but they had to prove for an hour so all i was doing while waiting was washing up.

The buns consisted of flour, milk, eggs, mixed spices, mixed fruit and yeast all mixed together then proved and shaped, then just before putting them in the oven you put a cross on them made from plain flour and water.

Since making the buns I have been waking up every morning and going downstairs then putting one in the toaster and then spreading it with butter. Yum!

Did you know :-

Hot cross buns are usually eaten during lent.  In Tudor times it was forbidden to sell buns except on Good Friday, Christmas and at burials.  Supersition says that hot cross buns baked on Good Friday won’t go mouldy through the year.

The cross on top of the bun represents the cross on which Jesus died and the fruit and spices are the cloth that was wrapped around him after he was taken from the cross