Chocolate leaves (part 2)

Following on with my decorations, this week I have been practicing hand piped chocolate leaves.  My last leaves were painted on to actual leaves to create the decoration and the detailed veins.  Today I am actually piping the leaves and also using cocktail sticks to give the leaves a bit more detail.

Although this looks simple it does take practice and hopefully I should soon be able to create a bake that tastes amazing and looks absolutely stunning.

I’ll end now as it’s time to get ready for the Great Sport Relief Bake Off.



Chocolate Leaves

I’m continuing with my theme of decoration and learning how to make some pretty additions to my bakes and this week  I’ve used chocolate again this time to make chocolate leaves.

Although these leaves very effective they are not that hard do.  Having chosen some nice shaped leads from the garden I washed them and then painted the back of the leaves with melted chocolate.  The back of the leaf has a better imprint of the leaf veins than the front.  The chocolate leaves are then placed in the fridge to set and once set you carefully peel the leaf away from the chocolate.  This took a little practise and I did manage to break a few of my smaller leaves.

This is a really effective decoration and I’ve been thinking of other objects I could use to get an imprint off to use for decorating my bakes.