Funday Sunday Competition

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while but I’ve been busy revising  for the first of my GCSE’s.  I’m only doing three this year chemistry, biology and physics and so far I’ve taken two and I have physics on Wednesday then yay it’s half term.

Although I have been revising I did manage to enter two cakes into  the 5th Abergavenny Great Bake Off competition.  The first was a traditional cake and I went for a layered sponge filled with homemade lemon curd and fresh cream.  This cakes were auctioned after the judging and I think this made over £20. (all towards Cancer Research & Sarcoma UK).  My entry didn’t win but I did come second with my carrot cake cup cakes in the cupcakes section although I don’t know how much they made for charity

This is a great local event and I love it especially when the sunshines.  Lots to do and a family day out.

Hopefully after my last exam on Wednesday all will be back to normal and I’ll be posting more regularly.  Have a good week………..




Funday Sunday Easter Bakes

Todays Funday Sunday bake is all about Easter.  Theres my chocolate sponge cakes filled with mini eggs, crushed crunchie, popping candy and covered with Nutella butter icing and chocolate buttons.  I’ve also made some chocolate chards  and placed them on top of the cakes.  This was a joint bake with the lovely Lauren Judd.

Then there are my easter chick cup cakes.

Happy Easter.


Funday Sunday Chocolate Forest Sponge Cake Treat

Last week was a busy week as it was Mothering Sunday and my Mam’s birthday and so I made these lovely Chocolate Forest Sponge Cake Treats for her.

They are made up of a sponge cake with butter icing and layered with chocolate tuiles and then topped off with blueberries and a scattering of icing sugar.

Happing Birthday MamIMG_7085


Funday Sunday – “Tea Cup” Cakes

For this weeks “Funday Sunday” I made cupcakes that look like teacups.  It was a fun bake, made up of little sponge cakes.  Once cooled I put butter icing around the sides of the cake and then added some rolled out fondant as well as making a handle for each cup.  I then made a chocolate Ganache and put this on top of the sponges and to finish it off I sprinkled some mini marshmallows on top – Ta-dah!

Hope you had a good weekend and I’ll see you next sunday.



Baking Competition

This weeks bake was all about baking for the 4th Great Abergavenny Bake off.  A competition held in aid of Cancer Research and Sarcoma UK.  There were some amazing cakes in the competition and I got lots of ideas for me to try out at home.

I entered two bakes.  Rosie Rhubarb Fairy Cakes in the Cupcake Cake section and an Orange & Almond Cake in the Traditional Bake section.

For some reason my baking was all over the place this weekend and I kept burning my cakes and couldn’t get my cupcakes to taste right.  After burning two Orange & Almond cakes I managed on my third cake to get it right and I came third in the competition.  Unfortunately my fairy cakes didn’t win.IMG_3114

The nice thing about the competition is that people are able to bid for the cakes which raises more money for the cancer charities.

The Orange & Almond cake is a gluten and dairy free cake and requires oranges to boiled for over two hours this makes the cake very moist.  I then covered the cake in an icing sugar and cream mix which is then topped off with toasted flaked almonds and a bit of orange zest to add colour.

The fairy cakes were a version of my Rosie Rhubarb cake but instead of making my normal rhubarb jam I made a rhubarb compote which I think wasn’t the best of ideas.

Perhaps not the cheapest of bakes because of the problems but I had fun and it all helped raise money for charity.


Cup Cakes

I had fun making cupcakes this week.  I made 189 in total as give aways to celebrate my mam’s shop being open for a year.

IMG_4967 IMG_4971

Cup cakes are very easy to make and you can double up the recipe and freeze some of them so that you’ve always got cake in the house.

This week I’m busy trying out some cakes for a competition I’m going to enter and I’m thinking about using some rhubarb that is growing in the garden.  I’ve used rhubarb before for my rosie rhubarb cake which everybody loves.


Lots and lots of cakes

This week has been a very busy week. I made 120 cupcakes for my Granny’s wedding and with the help of my cousins we iced them and decorated them all with top hats, bow ties and head dresses with veils.  Then on Sunday I baked a cake for The Great Abergavenny Bake Off Competition.











I made a summer celebration cake that was a five tiered cake filled with strawberries and a strawberry cream and then covered all over with a rose topping.  For the decoration I made another cake but this time I coloured the cake mixture with red food colouring and then when the cake had cooled down I crumbled the sponge so I could sprinkle it around the top of my celebration cake.

IMG_2474                          IMG_2485

This time there were no accidents on the way to the competition.  My cake was judged by Simon @1861restaurant and Danielle from @lovetheangel and I came second winning a wooden spoon to go with my chris Evans Rolling pin that I won in the Cake V’s Pies Competition and also a lovely certificate that I am going to frame.





I use baking powder in my cake mix.

Did you know that:-  Baking powder is a mix of baking soda, cream of tartar and cornstarch.  It works a bit like yeast but is more quicker and starts to work when it touches water.  The baking powder forms a gas that makes the cake mixture light.