Baked Alaska

Baked ALaska is a pudding that has a sponge bottom with an ice-cream filling and then covered with either a pastry crust or meringue.  The pudding is then baked at a high temperature for a short time, long enough to cook the outer layer but not long enough to melt the iscecream

It is also known as omelette surprise, Glace au four, Omelette a la Norvegienne or Norwegian omelette.

This bake was full of lessons from making a sponge with no butter to forgetting to put all my egg whites in the bowl and trying to rescue my meringue mix as we had no more eggs.

As for the pudding it was yum!!


Did You Know:- Thomas Jefferson the third American President served ice cream covered in pastry at a banquet in the White House and this is where Baked Alaska is thought to have come from.

The 1st of February in America is Baked Alaska Day.