Bonfire Cake

Hello, hope you all had a good bonfire night last night, I made this cake to celebrate Guy Fawkes night.
It consisted of a three layer chocolate cake covered in chocolate icing and topped with caramel shards and chocolate wafers creating a campfire scene with burnt marshmallows to the base of the cake.
As you can see chocolate was the big theme of this bake.
Chocolate cake is hard to get right as it contains flour and cocoa powder which are dry ingredients and the trick is to get it moist so I’ve been messing about with milk and cream to add moisture.
Have a lovely evening and see you next week

Birthday Cake


So last week it was my birthday, and I had a lovely day and got given lots of lovely presents, but the one thing I was missing was a birthday cake …. I know, I didn’t get to blow out candles on a cake (but I did get taken to the HARDWICK with my family and got given a suprise pudding !).


Im guessing because I’m the baker in the famiy they expected me to Bake my own birthday cake, but I didn’t until the week after my birthday…

The cake that I made was a three tiered chocolate cake :- The bottom layer – oreo, The middle layer – Chocolate chip and The top layer – Brownie and in-between the layers a butter icing with a chocolate ganache over the top layer, topped with oreos. This cake was calorie galore !

I must admit I did give most of it away to friends and family, but it still didn’t last long.

This was a fun and very delicious bake. IMG_9904

Funday Sunday Easter Bakes

Todays Funday Sunday bake is all about Easter.  Theres my chocolate sponge cakes filled with mini eggs, crushed crunchie, popping candy and covered with Nutella butter icing and chocolate buttons.  I’ve also made some chocolate chards  and placed them on top of the cakes.  This was a joint bake with the lovely Lauren Judd.

Then there are my easter chick cup cakes.

Happy Easter.


Funday Sunday -Black Sheep Cupcakes


Last weekend I went up to London with my Mam and as a treat I got to go to The Hummingbird Bakery and try out their “black bottom cupcake” that I’ve read great reviews about.

The Black bottom cupcake is a chocolate cupcake with pieces of cheesecake in the cupcake topped with a cream cheese icing.

It was one of the nicest cupcakes I have ever tried! Because it was so nice I wanted to have a go at making one. and so this week I made Black Bottom cupcakes in the style of sheep (just because I like sheep)

They turned out really well and taste just like I remember them from the bakery.

Hope you all had a great weekend and I can’t wait to see you next Wednesday with my technical bake ohhhh and of course it’s episode one of The Great Sport Relief Bake Off sheep


Chocolate Doily

For my technical bake I thought I would try and work on my presentation so I had a go at making a chocolate doily.  These are a pretty way of displaying puddings or little homemade treats .

Normally you have to temper chocolate but as the doily doesn’t  need to have a shine  it’s not necessary to temper.  The doily below took a few attempts.  Its much harder to pipe chocolate than it is to draw on paper.  I obviously need to try this a few more times but I had great fun trying this out.

Hope you have a great week and I’ll be back on Sunday for my Funday SundayIMG_6894

Chocolate yule log

Christmas is here in our house and so it made sense to do a Christmas bake and what better than a chocolate yule log which is a sponge with achocolate ganache,  whipped cream and chocolate buttercream icing.

This is not an ordinary sponge as there is no butter. This makes the sponge very dense but in a nice way.

This was a bake had lots of steps. To start  you bake your sponge in a very shallow tin (this is so you are able to roll the sponge). Once the sponge was baked you had to roll it up whilst it was still hot if you did this when cold the sponge would crack. Then you had to unroll the sponge once it had cooled down and a layer of chocolate ganache spread onto the sponge and topped with whipped cream. Then you re rolled the sponge, wrap it in cling film and put it in the fridge to let it set.

Once the cake has cooled it is  in chocolate buttercream. I added a bit of a twist to my yule log but making a chocolate orange buttercream. This was nice as it gave it a slight edge.

I enjoyed rolling up the sponge but obviously the best bit was eating while sitting next to the fire with a cup of tea.