Funday Sunday Puddings

For this weeks Funday Sunday I’ve made a selection of mini puddings which is also known as a Cafe Groument.

My puddings consisted of a strawberry cheesecake, basil infused panna cotta, creme caramel, lemon meringue ice-cream and a shortbread biscuit.

It’s a lot of work but was worth it although when I came to serve my puddings I realised that a normal spoon was just a little bit too big for the glasses but luckily enough we had some baby spoons that came to the rescue




Funday Sunday -Black Sheep Cupcakes


Last weekend I went up to London with my Mam and as a treat I got to go to The Hummingbird Bakery and try out their “black bottom cupcake” that I’ve read great reviews about.

The Black bottom cupcake is a chocolate cupcake with pieces of cheesecake in the cupcake topped with a cream cheese icing.

It was one of the nicest cupcakes I have ever tried! Because it was so nice I wanted to have a go at making one. and so this week I made Black Bottom cupcakes in the style of sheep (just because I like sheep)

They turned out really well and taste just like I remember them from the bakery.

Hope you all had a great weekend and I can’t wait to see you next Wednesday with my technical bake ohhhh and of course it’s episode one of The Great Sport Relief Bake Off sheep


Sweet Cinnamon Pastry with a Vanilla Cheese Cake Filling

This weeks pastry is a Sweet Cinamon Pastry with a Vanilla Cheese Cake Filling

The pastry is is a short crust pastry with cinnamon added to it.


I am now starting to under stand the basics of a pastry recipe and can remember most of the ingredients and their quantities without looking up the recipe  I’m also learning about adding different flavours to the pastry to add variety and to experiment with it






The filling was made by heating and gently whisking together together greek yogurt and milk until smooth.  I then mixed together some cornflour and vanilla extract in a bowl and added a little bit of the warm milk mixture.  This was then added to the milk mixture which was then bought to simmering point and whisked until the mixture thickened.  A bit like making a custard.


While the milk mixture was cooling I whisked together 4 egg whites and castor sugar into firm peaks and then gently folded it into the milk mixture.  The mixture was then poured over the baked cinnamon short crust pastry and placed under the grill for a few minutes to give it a golden top.

I would never have thought to add whipped egg white to make cheese cake filling and I think the egg whites were used make a thickening agent.  The cheese cake filling had a tangy taste and I made a raspberry collis to go with it and make it taste sweeter unfortunately i forgot to take a photograph of the finished cheesecake and by the time I remembered it had all been eaten.


No soggy bottom