Bonfire Cake

Hello, hope you all had a good bonfire night last night, I made this cake to celebrate Guy Fawkes night.
It consisted of a three layer chocolate cake covered in chocolate icing and topped with caramel shards and chocolate wafers creating a campfire scene with burnt marshmallows to the base of the cake.
As you can see chocolate was the big theme of this bake.
Chocolate cake is hard to get right as it contains flour and cocoa powder which are dry ingredients and the trick is to get it moist so I’ve been messing about with milk and cream to add moisture.
Have a lovely evening and see you next week

Birthday Cake


So last week it was my birthday, and I had a lovely day and got given lots of lovely presents, but the one thing I was missing was a birthday cake …. I know, I didn’t get to blow out candles on a cake (but I did get taken to the HARDWICK with my family and got given a suprise pudding !).


Im guessing because I’m the baker in the famiy they expected me to Bake my own birthday cake, but I didn’t until the week after my birthday…

The cake that I made was a three tiered chocolate cake :- The bottom layer – oreo, The middle layer – Chocolate chip and The top layer – Brownie and in-between the layers a butter icing with a chocolate ganache over the top layer, topped with oreos. This cake was calorie galore !

I must admit I did give most of it away to friends and family, but it still didn’t last long.

This was a fun and very delicious bake. IMG_9904

Funday Sunday Competition

Although I haven’t posted lately  I’ve still been baking but not too successfully as everything I try out seems to go wrong.

I’m entering The 5th Great Abergavenny Bake Off at the beginning of May and I’ve been practicing different cake ideas I’ve had but what I’ve baked so far has been a bit of a flop and now I’m starting to worry if I will even manage to enter a cake.

Anyway I’ve got another week to put some more ideas together and for now I’ll leave you with my technical drawings and baking my flops.






Chequered Chocolate Ganache Cake

As I did my fiftieth blog last week and it is also my aunty’s birthday today I decided to celebrate by doing a showstopper cake from Mary Berry’s Showstoppers cook book.  I have chosen to do a chocolate chequered ganache cake.  Mary Berry says and it says it is not as difficult as it looks.

To get the chequered look you have to split the cake mixture up into three tins but it’s not just about putting cake mixture into a tin you have have pipe the mixture into the tins switching between a chocolate and a plain mix.

Making the cake was not the hardest bit but getting the chocolate swirls that went on top of the cake was really hard.  My first attempt ended up with no swirls and big blob of chocolate on the work surface.  After I cleaned up my first mess I then tried again and this time I got got some great twirls.

The cake is filled with a ganache and the outside is also covered with a ganache.  A ganache is made from chocolate and cream.  Some people say Ganache came from Switzerland and was used for making truffles and other people say it came from France where it was used for cakes.

I really enjoyed this bake and the best bit was when my aunty cut into the cake and saw the checks.


Orbit cake

This week i made orbit cake.

This bake was different for me because this  cake is cooked in a bain marie, and i have never done a bain marie before.

This was not a normal cake, it was a sort of a mousse texture cake.

First you get chocolate and butter and melt that over a saucepan of boiling water.

Then you get sugar and eggs in a bowl and disk it up together.

Once the chocolate has melted and has cooled down for a minute or two you disk it into the egg mixture until it has all combined.

Then get a cake tin and pour in the chocolate mixture into it. Then get the cake tin and put it in a bowl of boiling water until it covers the tin about halfway.

Then put it in the oven at 140 degrees on fan and cook for 1 hour and 15 minutes looking at the hour.

It should be a bit wobbly.

Once it has cooked take it out of the tin and put it in the fridge.

Take out of the fridge about 2 hours before you are going to eat it.

Recipe curtesy of David Lebovitz





IMG_2953This week I baked a  Battenberg cake. I enjoyed this bake but unfortunately my pink sponge was a little bit brown because the pink cake mixture mixed in with the plain mixture when it was baking.

The cake is made up of two different coloured cake mixtures.  The mixture is baked and when it has cooled down each colour is cut into an oblong shape and these are glued with apricot jam to make a chequered pattern.  The cake is then covered in marzipan that has been rolled out and sprinkled with icing sugar.This bake is very yummy and almost as good as Mr Killing’s battenberg.

Did you know:- Battenberg came from the UK, and was made in 1884 for the marriage of Queen Victoria’s granddaughter, Princess Victoria Alberta Elisabeth Mathilde Marie to Prince Louis of Battenberg. The four squares of the cake are the four battenberg princes which were: Prince Louis, Prince Alexander, Prince Henry and Prince Francis Joseph.


Spectacular Cake

I’m really sorry I didn’t blog yesterday but I had lots of homework! Yuk…… Next week I’m going to our local Clandestine Cake Club meeting. It’s a great way to share your cakes and meet other people who like to bake, there is probably a club near you so do look at their website (www.clandestinecakeclub). The theme for our meeting is spectacular so my bake this week is a spectacular cake. Pop back on Tuesday to see what I end up baking. Well I’m back……….. It’s been a hard bake this week as I was trying to bake Mary & Paul’s chocolate creation show stopper for our Clandestine Cake Club meet up tonight. Mary & Paul’s cake is a three tiered caked but after three attempts (thats nine cakes) I had to give up. I think I tried something that was a bit toooo advanced for me. So I ended up making a creation of my own which was my victoria sponge covered in a lemon butter icing with a white chocolate collar and topped off with strawberries. I had a great time at the Clandestine Cake Club and perhaps ate toooo much! I’ll be back tomorrow with my bake for the week. See you tomorrow.IMG_9683