IMG_3550Week two of The Great British Bake Off and it’s biscuits with the fist challenge being Biscotti Biscuits.  Biscotti means cooked twice.

A traditional Biscotti is normally made up of pistachios with white chocolate and cranberries but I have decided to go with a hazelnut and chocolate biscotti.

My Biscotti was made by mixing together flour and bicarbonate of soda into a bowl and adding orange zest, hazelnuts and chocolate chips.  In a separate bowl I whisked together eggs and sugar until they were light and fluffy and then folded this into the dry ingredients.  This was then all folded together to make a soft dough.  I then tipped the dough onto a floured surface and shaped it into a ciabatta shaped.

The trick I found with Biscotti was to make sure it is not over cooked and to remember it will be baked twice.

When I had shaped the dough I then baked the Biscotti for ½ an hour and then left it to cool on a cooling rack.  You must wait for the Biscotti to cool before slicing it into 1cm slices if you cut into slices before the cooked dough has cooled it will crumble.  When sliced I then placed back in a cooler oven for 10 minutes.

These are nice crispy biscuits but I would add more chocolate chips next time.  If you’re lucky to have some biscuits left they will store in a tin for unto three weeks.

Anzac biscuits

IMG_3059Sorry i did not post my blog yesterday as i have been ill. Anyway this week i made Anzac biscuits. The biscuit dough is very like brandy snaps.

The  biscuit forms little air holes whilst cooking and they look as though they would be easy to roll just like brandy snaps.

The biscuit dough contains of desiccated coconut, flour, golden syrup, butter, sugar and oats. First you melt the golden syrup, butter and sugar in a saucepan and then you add all of the dry ingredients to the mixture in the pan.

Then mix it all together and form small balls of the dough and flatten them down on the baking tray.

Leave them in the oven for 8 – 10 minutes but make sure you watch them because they burn quick.

This bake was fun but i learnt that i need to keep watch of them whilst they are cooking, and also dont make them so big because they do expand.

Did you know :- Anzac biscuits are a sweet biscuits that comes from Australia and New Zeland. These biscuits are what the army use to eat because they where easy to ship.


lavender biscuits

This week i have exams so time has been a bit tight so i had to do a simple bake. I made lavender biscuits. This is a biscuit dough with finely chopped lavender added, the dough is then rolled into a sausage shape and covered in demerara sugar which gives it a crispy finish around the sides. Then you cut the biscuit dough into slices which are then baked. This is a very yummy bake and the biscuit tastes like shortbread with a strong hint of lavender.

Did you know:- Lavender is a herb that has been around for about 2, 500 years. In the Ancient times lavender was used to make perfumes by the Egyptians, Phoenicians and people of Arabia. The romans used lavender oils for bathing, cooking and make the air smell nice.





This week I’m going to make up some little Christmas hampers, I’ve got a few ideas of what I’m going to put in them but I need to work out if I have time to do everything. Pop back next Tuesday to see what I put into my hamper.

Phew – a busy bake this week but hampers now done. Lots of chocolates which were great fun to make (especially as Sharon let me lose in her kitchen), Homemade sweet and savoury biscuits, butter, cheese and cranberry sauce. I’m off now to hang my stocking up for Father Christmas and to think about next weeks bake. Have a lovely Christmas (Nadolig Llawen) – x