Cheese Straws

This week I thought I would try out cheese straws so do pop back next Tuesday to take a look at the results.

Cheese straws…….. they were great fun and I’ve learnt how to make rough puff pastry. I took them out of the oven a little bit too soon and after eating half of one realised that they needed a bit more baking. So back into the oven for another five minutes and out they came looking and tasting yummy. We had them as nibbles last night when my Godfather Graham came all the way from London to bring me lots of Christmas presents it was a fun evening.IMG_0098

Christmas House

The topping on my eclairs was dull so I started to find out why and read about tempering and blooming chocolate!!!  So while it’s all technical stuff I thought I would concentrate on getting my chocolate right and it is a good excuse to be able to have chocolate and bake (well it is Christmas in four weeks so I need to start practising my chocolate eating skills) so this week I am going to make a chocolate Christmas House.

I will see you next week with my house if I haven’t eaten some or all of it.  

Bye for now

I made my Chocolate Christmas house on Sunday which I thought left me time lots of time to photograph it for tonights blog but that plan went wrong when the heat from the kitchen softened my chocolate and part of the house collapsed. I’ve managed to repair it a bit but it’s not as good as when I first finished it. As for my tempering that went very well and I learnt that different chocolates require different heat.IMG_9979


I’ve always wondered how easy or hard it would be to make eclairs so this week I’m going to try them out.

Dont forget you can bake with me and post your results on my blog. I’ll be back on Tuesday with my results.

Eclairs made but I do think they need a bit more practise. They taste like an eclair and I’ve eaten three on my own so they can’t be bad!! It’s the shape that I don’t seem to have got right. I did as my follower Janet said, dust the greased baking sheet with flour and with my finger draw an outline of the shape and size I want the eclair to be (a template really). I did that but between piping them out and taking them out of the oven they went from long fingers to round balls. Only me as Mami says!!

What I did learn is that as there is no rising agent in choux pastry they rise from the steam created by the moist mixture ………………… interesting.

Back tomorrow with my bake for next week.

Bye for now.IMG_9837

Spectacular Cake

I’m really sorry I didn’t blog yesterday but I had lots of homework! Yuk…… Next week I’m going to our local Clandestine Cake Club meeting. It’s a great way to share your cakes and meet other people who like to bake, there is probably a club near you so do look at their website (www.clandestinecakeclub). The theme for our meeting is spectacular so my bake this week is a spectacular cake. Pop back on Tuesday to see what I end up baking. Well I’m back……….. It’s been a hard bake this week as I was trying to bake Mary & Paul’s chocolate creation show stopper for our Clandestine Cake Club meet up tonight. Mary & Paul’s cake is a three tiered caked but after three attempts (thats nine cakes) I had to give up. I think I tried something that was a bit toooo advanced for me. So I ended up making a creation of my own which was my victoria sponge covered in a lemon butter icing with a white chocolate collar and topped off with strawberries. I had a great time at the Clandestine Cake Club and perhaps ate toooo much! I’ll be back tomorrow with my bake for the week. See you tomorrow.IMG_9683