Day 5 – Christmas Sausage Rolls

Hello and welcome to Day 5 of ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlebakersblog’. Today’s bake is sausage rolls. Now I only ever make these at Christmas time so when it comes to making them it makes me feel very festive. Every year I make plain sausage rolls, Although these are yummy I thought I would change it up a bit this year. What I did was added cranberry sauce and nutmeg to my sausage meat. I didn’t know how they where going to taste so I was a bit anxious, but they where so good. They where a bit sweet from the cranberry sauce but then had a lovey kick of sea salt. I’m am for sure making more of these for Boxing Day.
Merry Christmas


Day 4 – Christmas Tree Meringues

Hello and welcome to Day 4 of ‘The 12 Days Of Littlebakersblog’. Today’s Christmas bake is mini Christmas tree meringues. This is green meringue pipped in layers to get the effect of a Christmas tree and then sprinkles over it for the look of baubles. When I pipped them on to the tray they held there shape of the tree, until I put them in the oven, then they lost there shape (but I still think people would know that it’s resembles a Christmas tree). These where a fun little bake to try and very simple. I would define try them out again.
Merry Christmas


Day 3 – Mince pies

Hello and welcome to Day 3 of ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlebakersblog’. Today’s bake is mince pies, now for my ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlebakersblog’ I am trying to make a tradition Christmas bake become something a bit different by incorporating different flavours or trying a different technique, and that’s exactly what I did with my mince pies. Just by adding orange zest into my sweet pastry it changes the whole mince pie, adding a whole other dimension. Also what I really suggest Is to make your own pastry, its really delicious when homemade. I made sweet shortcrust pastry and it really takes minutes to make. I really would recommend doing this especially if you love homemade mince pies. You really will impress your friends and family.
Merry Christmas


Day 2 – Cheesey Straws

Hello and welcome to Day 2 of ‘The 12 Days Of Littlebakersblog’. For today’s bake I have made cheese straws. For me this is a very festive snack so it was only right I made some. To make them a bit different to a traditional cheese straw I wanted to add some festive flavours, so I started by grafting some nutmeg on top, but also I wrapped some bacon around the cheese straw. After many attempts at trying to incorporate the bacon I had to give up on that idea as it was just not working. These are still so delicious with the nutmeg, and such a good snack to have on the side of a dinner party. Hopefully you can take some of my ideas and try them out yourself.
Merry Christmas


Day 1 – Chocolate Pots

Hello I hope you’re all having a lovely Christmas so far and baking lots because trust me I am. I have decided this year I’m going to do ‘The 12 Days Of Christmas’ or for my blog ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlebakersblog’, meaning every day from now to Christmas Eve I will be posting a bake on my blog. So to start off first day of ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlebakersblog’ I have made spiced chocolate pots. Effectively this a chocolate ganache moose, filled with lots of Christmas spices such as orange, cinnamon and all spice. These are so delicious and such a quick pudding to whip up and is especially yummy served with a bit of whipped cream. I hope you look forward to all the more fun Christmas bakes I have lined up.
Merry Christmas


Bonfire Cake

Hello, hope you all had a good bonfire night last night, I made this cake to celebrate Guy Fawkes night.
It consisted of a three layer chocolate cake covered in chocolate icing and topped with caramel shards and chocolate wafers creating a campfire scene with burnt marshmallows to the base of the cake.
As you can see chocolate was the big theme of this bake.
Chocolate cake is hard to get right as it contains flour and cocoa powder which are dry ingredients and the trick is to get it moist so I’ve been messing about with milk and cream to add moisture.
Have a lovely evening and see you next week

Devils Chocolate Cake

Hello. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while I have just been very busy with school work. A few weeks ago I did a couple of demonstrations at the Abergavenny Food Festival, one by myself demonstrating waffles and another with “Abergavenny baker” demonstrating bread. After doing these demonstrations it has made me realise I need to change up my blog and make it more interesting, so I thought if I had a theme it would help my readers understand what my blog is about. So following this idea of theme my favourite things to bake is cakes, whether I’m trying different flavours or decorating. So to start of this new idea of a theme, this week I’m going to post a cake that I baked for Lauren’s birthday.
This cake was such fun to make as there was 4 different flavours of filling and covered with marshmallow icing. This bake was quite hard to do as I had to do that chocolate drip down the sides of the cake, but after many attempts of trying it and recovering the cake from my mistakes I sort of managed it. I hope you have a good week to come.img_4916img_7522img_7516img_1517img_1504


So this week I have been baking waffles to practise for my demonstration around early September for the Abergavenny Food Festival. So as you have probably already guessed I am demonstrating lots of different types of waffles Eg. Pizza waffles, Brownie waffles and many more yummy flavours ! But this week I practised bannana waffles. Yes, it is how it sounds, is it basically a bannana bread cake mix baked in a waffle maker served with golden syrup !
These waffles are so tasty and are perfect for a late night snack to nibble on or just for a naughty breakfast, either way I ate all of them.


Birthday Cake


So last week it was my birthday, and I had a lovely day and got given lots of lovely presents, but the one thing I was missing was a birthday cake …. I know, I didn’t get to blow out candles on a cake (but I did get taken to the HARDWICK with my family and got¬†given a suprise pudding !).


Im guessing because I’m the baker in the famiy they expected me to Bake my own birthday cake, but I didn’t until the week after my birthday…

The cake that I made was a three tiered chocolate cake :- The bottom layer – oreo, The middle layer – Chocolate chip and The top layer – Brownie and in-between the layers a butter icing with a chocolate ganache over the top layer, topped with oreos. This cake was calorie galore !

I must admit I did give most of it away to friends and family, but it still didn’t last long.

This was a fun and very delicious bake. IMG_9904