Hello, I am back with another weekly update. I heard this quote the other day and it has really stuck with me.

“Comfort is the enemy of progression”.

I am sure that when I say almost everyone would be able to agree with that quote, I’m not far wrong, and its ok to admit to not progressing in your life, because the place that you are in at the moment is comforting, but progression is good to go forward with.

Whether its your health that comfort is holding you back; to progress to live a healthier life style would give many benefiting factors. Or whether its hard to let go of items that give you comfort; progressing and moving forward to the next step might bring you even bigger and better things.

I can definitely put my hands up and say that, yes, I am guilty of staying in my comfort place, and it is definitely easier said that done to progress, but progression can also bring you even bigger comforts in life.


“Comfort is the enemy of progression”.




Back To Reality

Hello after a few weeks off I am back to blogging & reality.

The few weeks I have had off were spent on a sun bed, in restaurants eating and drinking lots of rosado and cookie ice creams, all of this happened in Ibiza, (unfortunately I can’t really lay on a sun bed in Wales without having an outdoor shower to drench me…), although I am quick to be mistaken as todays whether has been stunning. Lets hope I didn’t speak to soon and just ruined the weather for the rest of the week!

If you would like to see more of my holiday you can head over to my youtube channel,   and see my vlog which will be up very very soon.

Since coming back I have been thrown straight into the deep end, been put straight back into reality, this for me means work, college but worst of all the holiday meals out and 3 ice creams a day habit has had to be squashed. Now I am living off vegetables and potatoes and only sugar is allowed on the weekend. (Potatoes give me a bit more comfort over a carrot and even though it is not the best of foods to keep me healthy it kind of substitutes for the “no sugar during the week” rule). Personally I think that this rule should be considered as a serious issue, being deprived from sugar during the week is honestly so unfair on a child my age, (16).

I must say though whilst doing this healthy eating thing, it has been exceptionally hard to stick to the “sugar only on weekend rule”. Being I the industry that I am in, not testing the bakes that I make is very hard. The fact that I have being testing the bakes that I have been baking during this week, presumably means that I have failed. I would rather not put it like that though. Lets just say that I have had a few falls but I will slowly get back up over the next few weeks.

Tonight we are having family over so healthy eating goes out the window. (Can family & friends come over every day please, that would be very much appreciated).

Everything else in my life has been pretty standard other than my little holiday.

I am thinking next weeks blog could be more of a business side of things. What place I want to go to next in terms of business…

Enjoy your day



The First Hurdle

The first hurdle and I haven’t managed to post daily.

After my last post I’ve hardly had a second to sit down and just think, or lie down, eat lots of cake and watch a film, either way I look at it I have been busy….

If you’ve watched my last video ( on youtube ), you will know that last week was a very full on week, with  lots of long working days, so actually getting a chance to write this blog post has been near impossible.

Other than working long hours last week, it was a fairly normal week, apart from one unfortunate thing that happened to me.

In my family getting bad coldsores is a very common thing. My Cousins get them my Mam gets them, my Aunt and Granny, basically the whole family tree is affected by coldsores.  I was very fortunate to not have the ‘coldsore gene’ (although apparently everyone has it, its just some are dormant with people and some erupt, like a volcanoes). Before last week I had never had any signs of any coldsores, until now. I had hoped that it was a blemish (I say blemish as the word ‘Spot’ sounds vile) but unfortunately I am now a victim of the coldsore gene.

I did mention in my last post that I wanted this blog to be like a diary, and a diary is a very detailed thing. This is what is happening in my life, how ever disgusting it may sound, this is what is happening.

Other than my face being taken over by the use to be dormant, now erupted cold sore virus I have been planning quite a lot of stuff, being videos to film, what I would like to do next year…

I am currently in college doing a bakery course but it is at question at the moment as to wether I move on to something new for the next school year.

However busy I may be summer is still on its way, so just like everybody else in the world who is conscious, I am currently trying to be healthy.     This involves eating salad leaves for lunch and starving myself from sugar until I can’t cope and have to have something sweet ( I usually last a solid five minutes ).  However, there is one amazing soup recipe that I love to make ( but mainly eat ), which is a carrot and butternut squash soup.  I love this soup so much that one morning I decided that this would be great for breakfast, and it was, until an hour later on my way to college when I realized that actually it was not enough to fill me up just for the morning and that a Pain A Chocolat was well needed. It just so happened that The Angel Bakery was near to where I was and it was just calling my name. It was a great idea at the time to buy the Pain A Chocolate, until a few days later when me and my Mam where looking my bank statement and she saw the Bakery transaction. There was no way of getting out of that one…

I am sure that this has been enough of a ramble for todays post. But not to worry as there will be many more posts, with many more rambling segments.










Updates & Changes

I think it is well overdue if I where to say Happy New Year as we are know the second day into spring.  As you all could probably tell I am not the best at keeping update on this blog.

I set up this blog in 2013, as a young girl just posting about stuff that I would bake when I had free time. As I grew up I started to realise that a hobby of mine could lead to a career path. So I started to develop and mature my baking ideas from baking cupcakes on a weekend to making technical bakes and patisseries. By doing this I gained followers on my blog,  who where also passionate about baking jut like myself.

Since my last post on this blog quite a lot has happened in my life, as you would expect after 5 months. One of which being setting up my own online business, Myfbakes. I post on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (all under the name of Myfbakes).

My business is based on selling “Cakes & Bakes” around the area of South Wales, Monmouthshire.

Since my last post I led my attention to my online business, leaving my blog to sit in the background, until now. It recently hit me that my blog has given me the platform to stand out from other people trying to achieve the same thing like myself,  so why am I not giving it as much attention as it deserves. By starting up my blog at such a young age it has helped me to get jobs and amazing opportunities, so again I started to ask myself why have I just let it go so quickly and easily.

To give my blog the love that it deserves, from now on I am going to post daily, about my life, about what I am eating, where I am going and what I have been baking…  and at the end of the week I will write a summary post (or at least I will try my very best).

I want this blog to be like my own online daily diary, like a daily vlog but in writing.

I want to bring my followings from “Myfbakes” and “Littlebakersblog” together and interlink two, start to build something personal to myself, that my followers are going to enjoy to read and something for myself, to enjoy blogging again.

I hope that this post will be the start of building block to achieve something incredible.








Im Back

Hello, Im back after a very long time of not posting. Studying for my GCSE’S left me with little time to blog and since then I have demonstrated at the Abergavenny Food Festival and started my baking course at college. Even though I haven’t been posting I have been baking quite a lot.

At the food festival this year Becky James and I made a unicorn cake, starting from the basics off crumb coating and stacking your cake, to pipping skills and making unicorn horns.

As well as attending college I am setting up a cake commission company where I will be baking cakes to order. This has yet to launch but it is in the process.

Here are just a few photos of me and Becky demonstrating




Day 11 -Black Forest Gateaus Trifle

Hello and welcome to Day 11 of ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlebakersblog’. Today’s Christmas bake is Black Forest Gateaus Trifle. This is a take on a traditional Black Forest gateaus. Because in my house hold we love a bit of trifle, I thought I would take two traditional Christmas bakes and combine them. I made my well know brownies as sponge fingers for the base to make it even more indulgent. I hope you are enjoying ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlebakersblog’ as it comes to an end and hopefully managed to take some inspiration. I would just like to say how much fun I have had doing it and has given me opportunities to come up with and try different ideas. Thank you.
Merry Christmas


Day 10 – Stollen

Hello and welcome to Day 10 of ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlebakersblog’. Today’s Christmas bake is stollen. The first time I had stollen was 2 years ago at ‘The Angel’ in Abergavenny where they do amazing afternoon teas. It was so delicious, with the marzipan and all the fruit, so this year I just had to try it. It wasn’t that hard to do but it does take a lot of time with all the proving and baking. I have had a lot of praise with this bake and I think it is the perfect Christmas bake if your not a fan of mince pies.
Merry Christmas


Day 9 – Baileys Tiramisu

Hello and welcome to Day 9 of ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlbakersblog’. Today’s Christmas bake is baileys tiramisu. I am a mass fan of tiramisu, Its just so easy but such a yummy pudding for coffee lovers (myself included). Baileys is a very Christmasy drink I think so incorporating this into one of my favourite puddings is just amazing. Please do try this pudding out, it is so good and many people will be Asking for seconds I can assure you.
Merry Christmas

Day 8 – Chocolate Yule Log

Hello and welcome to Day 8 of ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlebakersblog’. Today’s Christmas bake is chocolate Yule log. I made quite a few of these last year as I just enjoy making them so much and they are so yummy. It is such a simple bake but looks so impressive. There is fresh whipped cream in the Yule log Aswell so it is a bake that stays in the fridge.
Merry Christmas