It’s been a little while since I posted. ┬áThis is because I’ve just been doing lots of things from getting work experience, stages and working for money and all of it is helping me to improve my baking.

So I’m back and I will try to post more regularly and to start off I’ve done my 12 bakes of Christmas again this year so here is a bit of Christmas fun:-


Im Back

Hello, Im back after a very long time of not posting. Studying for my GCSE’S left me with little time to blog and since then I have demonstrated at the Abergavenny Food Festival and started my baking course at college. Even though I haven’t been posting I have been baking quite a lot.

At the food festival this year Becky James and I made a unicorn cake, starting from the basics off crumb coating and stacking your cake, to pipping skills and making unicorn horns.

As well as attending college I am setting up a cake commission company where I will be baking cakes to order. This has yet to launch but it is in the process.

Here are just a few photos of me and Becky demonstrating




Day 11 -Black Forest Gateaus Trifle

Hello and welcome to Day 11 of ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlebakersblog’. Today’s Christmas bake is Black Forest Gateaus Trifle. This is a take on a traditional Black Forest gateaus. Because in my house hold we love a bit of trifle, I thought I would take two traditional Christmas bakes and combine them. I made my well know brownies as sponge fingers for the base to make it even more indulgent. I hope you are enjoying ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlebakersblog’ as it comes to an end and hopefully managed to take some inspiration. I would just like to say how much fun I have had doing it and has given me opportunities to come up with and try different ideas. Thank you.
Merry Christmas


Day 10 – Stollen

Hello and welcome to Day 10 of ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlebakersblog’. Today’s Christmas bake is stollen. The first time I had stollen was 2 years ago at ‘The Angel’ in Abergavenny where they do amazing afternoon teas. It was so delicious, with the marzipan and all the fruit, so this year I just had to try it. It wasn’t that hard to do but it does take a lot of time with all the proving and baking. I have had a lot of praise with this bake and I think it is the perfect Christmas bake if your not a fan of mince pies.
Merry Christmas