Day 1 – Chocolate Pots

Hello I hope you’re all having a lovely Christmas so far and baking lots because trust me I am. I have decided this year I’m going to do ‘The 12 Days Of Christmas’ or for my blog ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlebakersblog’, meaning every day from now to Christmas Eve I will be posting a bake on my blog. So to start off first day of ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlebakersblog’ I have made spiced chocolate pots. Effectively this a chocolate ganache moose, filled with lots of Christmas spices such as orange, cinnamon and all spice. These are so delicious and such a quick pudding to whip up and is especially yummy served with a bit of whipped cream. I hope you look forward to all the more fun Christmas bakes I have lined up.
Merry Christmas


Four Tier Marble Chocolate Cake

This week’s blog is for my for my three cousins Josh, Libby & Wil who were 18 on Friday and I made them a four tier chocolate marble Cake with a chocolate ganache

I wanted to make a stunning cake so I used my own ideas.  The sponge was a basic victoria sponge with 200g of butter, sugar and flour and four eggs and to help it rise a little a teaspoon of baking powder.  To make the marble effect I added cocoa powder in to the cake mix after it had been split between four cake tins.

When the cakes had been baked and cooled I layered them with butter icing between each layer and then to finish off the cake I covered it in a chocolate ganache and drizzled a raspberry coulis over the top to give it a little kick.

As this was my own recipe I decided to draw up a plan of what to do along with an idea of the time it would take for each process.  I had thought it would be no more than two hours but what I hadn’t taken into account was the cooling time for cake and ganache so the cake really took four hours from start to finish.

So happy birthday to my grown up cousins Josh, Libby & Wil I hope you like my present – love Myfy xx

IMG_3129         IMG_5254