Im Back

Hello, Im back after a very long time of not posting. Studying for my GCSE’S left me with little time to blog and since then I have demonstrated at the Abergavenny Food Festival and started my baking course at college. Even though I haven’t been posting I have been baking quite a lot.

At the food festival this year Becky James and I made a unicorn cake, starting from the basics off crumb coating and stacking your cake, to pipping skills and making unicorn horns.

As well as attending college I am setting up a cake commission company where I will be baking cakes to order. This has yet to launch but it is in the process.

Here are just a few photos of me and Becky demonstrating




Orange Cake

Hello I know it’s been a while since I posted.  Life has been busy, as soon as my GcSE’s  were finished I managed to come down with a horrible bug that kept me in bed for nearly a week.  When I was better it was back to school and I had to catch up on my end of year exams and in-between there has been a bit of football support for Wales.  I don’t really like football but the atmosphere here in Wales has been amazing and everybody has become a football fan.  The good news is school now over until September and  hopefully that means I have more time to do some baking.

As part of my get better plan my mam has been feeding me fresh orange juice and so I thought I would sneak a few  of them to make an orange cake.

I made  up a simple sponge adding orange zest and then when the cake came out of the oven I painted an orange sugar glaze over the warm sponge.  The heat helped the cake to soak up the glaze which makes the cake very moist.  For the icing a made a simple cream cheese and icing sugar mixture with some fresh orange juice.

The cake is lovely  and there isn’t much left.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday.  IMG_0699

Christmas Bakes

Just a quick hello from me.

It’s been very busy here this week as  I have been baking lots of simple traditional christmasy bakes.  I think  the traditional ones are the best.

I’ve made

  • Coffee cake
  • Sausage rolls
  • Mince pies
  • Lemon drizzle
  • Chocolat yule log
  • Ham

I was also going to make some christmas truffles this evening made from christmas pudding that my Godmother suggested I tried but in all the Christmas rush I forgot to buy some of the ingredients (oppps).

Have a lovely christmas.


Great British Bake Off – Alternative Ingredients

This weeks Great British Bake Off was about alternative ingredients for example not baking with sugar, dairy and gluten.

My first bake was a sugar free cake and I opted for a carrot and orange cake. The sweetness of the carrot was enough to replace the missing sugar.  I loved this cake from the beginning right the way to the last slice.  The house smelt of mixed spice and the cake was really moist.  I didn’t miss having the sugar kick although my mam found it harder.  The orange frosting on the outside of the cake also added to an amazing cake and I would make it again.


My second bake was the show stopper dairy-free ice cream rolls.  I made a caramel dairy free ice-cream with a light banana sponge.  Unfortunately it  didn’t all go to plan what with my ice-cream not freezing properly and I tried to make a pattern in my sponge that didn’t turn out as well as I wanted but the bake still tasted very yummy.

IMG_5963 IMG_3719

My last bake is yeast free and perhaps one of my all time favourite foods.  Pitta bread for some reason I have never made them before and I don’t know why as they are so easy to make, needs no proving and are just made from flour and yoghurt.  Of course they taste even better than shop bought ones.


Madeira Cake

So for second bake I made The  first Signature Challenge of The Great British Bake Off 2015  a Madeira cake or Mandarin Cake as I have been incorrectly calling it.

This cake reminded me of the cake I entered into 4th Great Abergavenny Bake off competition as has very similar ingredients such as ground almonds and orange.  The difference between the two cakes was that the one I made earlier in the year had no flour where as this one did.  Unusually the recipe I used for the Madeira Cake contained plain flour with baking powder rather than self raising flour as you often see in cake recipes.

To make the cake it was like making up a simple cake mixture but with ground almonds and orange juice and orange zest added.  The orange juice and drizzle that is added once the cake is made makes it a very moist cake and I had a crack on the top as Mary Berry said I should.


Four Tier Marble Chocolate Cake

This week’s blog is for my for my three cousins Josh, Libby & Wil who were 18 on Friday and I made them a four tier chocolate marble Cake with a chocolate ganache

I wanted to make a stunning cake so I used my own ideas.  The sponge was a basic victoria sponge with 200g of butter, sugar and flour and four eggs and to help it rise a little a teaspoon of baking powder.  To make the marble effect I added cocoa powder in to the cake mix after it had been split between four cake tins.

When the cakes had been baked and cooled I layered them with butter icing between each layer and then to finish off the cake I covered it in a chocolate ganache and drizzled a raspberry coulis over the top to give it a little kick.

As this was my own recipe I decided to draw up a plan of what to do along with an idea of the time it would take for each process.  I had thought it would be no more than two hours but what I hadn’t taken into account was the cooling time for cake and ganache so the cake really took four hours from start to finish.

So happy birthday to my grown up cousins Josh, Libby & Wil I hope you like my present – love Myfy xx

IMG_3129         IMG_5254