Raspberry & Lemon Mirror Glaze Tarts

For this weeks blog post I thought I would try and come up with a bake that used up odd ingredients that we had in the house. I must say, it turned out a lot better than I thought it would! 

I made mini lemon tarts with a dome of raspberry and vanilla mousse, covered in a raspberry mirror glaze, topped with gold leaf & half a raspberry. 

They looked so sweet and beautiful that I thought I would have a go at doing more flavours. So when filming a video for easter Sunday I ended up with some spare bits and bobs so I assembled and froze them, and am now just waiting to get a chance to put together a final product (i will keep you updated!)

But if you ever have anything leftover from a bake don’t let it go to waste. Experiment. Whats to loose? It would have go in the bin if you didn’t do anything with it, and if the experiment doesn’t go to plan, well it can go in the bin after all (but at least you would have tried)

Below is photos of the result.


New & Improved Millionaire Shortbread

Im calling this millionaire shortbread ‘New & Improved’, not because I have changed its flavours (some things just can’t be changed! Classic is best in this case) but because of the chocolate decoration.

It has the name ‘Millionaire” to imply luxury. But this shortbread should be Called “Extra millionaire shortbread’, because having gold dust and triple chocolate on top of a buttery biscuit and caramel makes this incredibly indulgent!

To get the perfect caramel for your shortbread it is best to cook the condensed milk,(sugar & butter) on a low hob and gradually heat it up so that it gets that beautiful dark caramel shade rather than high and fast so that it burns.

If however you don’t feel as though you have the time to make your own caramel, Carnations do an amazing version of there own caramel, tinned and ready to use straight away (but homemade is always best I think).

If you are thinking of baking this weekend and are stuck for ideas, why not try baking  millionaire shortbread. Simple to bake and looks very very impressive!





Opera Cake

Good Morning!

To help you push through the rest of this week I though I would give you a little chocolate post. Looking at this just makes my mouth water.

Coffee, almond & most importantly, CHOCOLATE  (whats not to love?)

This patisserie is called an Opera Cake (hence the pipping on top)

The Opera Cake was given its name due to its sophisticated element and was said it reminded the creator & patisserie chef, Cyriaque of the Opera House, Palais Garnier. When he was creating the Opera Cake he wanted to produce something that would give all the flavours in one mouthful, so different layers and textures of three flavours where built together to make a beautiful, layered patisserie.

The layers are:

Joconde (almond sponge)

Coffee syrup (soaked into the baked Joconde)

Chocolate Croustillant (chocolate coated, caramelised dried crepe pieces)

Chocolate Ganache

Coffee Buttercream

Chocolate Glaze

There are a fair few elements, but there are not lots of flavours complicating the cake. Just three classic flavours used in a clever way to create different textures.

So there you have it. The Opera Cake.



Hello 2019!

To wish you all Happy New Year is well overdue! So I will just start by saying, welcome to my first post of 2019.

This year I am planning to upload a lot more, so that I can learn new techniques and you guys can have more recipes to use (& consume).

For my first post of the year,  I thought I would use an ingredient that is just starting to come into season. Rhubarb.

I think rhubarb is not given as much recognition as it deserves and is seen as a ‘marmite’ ingredient, when in actual fact it tastes delicious, goes with many other ingredients, and looks beautiful.

So to showcase the rhubarb and all its positives that I have listed above I decided to make a tart.

I kept it very understated by using simple flavours and just using the rhubarb to decorate (the pink is decoration enough).

I paired my rhubarb with orange + vanilla.

I made my pastry slightly flaky by not rubbing the butter completely into the flour, and jam packed it with orange zest and vanilla seeds.

My creme patissiere had more orange zest whisked into it,  and I poached the rhubarb ever so slightly in a syrup.


Peel of lemon

Zest of an orange

Vanilla pod + seeds

1:1 sugar & water


If you would like to see more of my bakes you can go to my instagram & youtube channel: Myfbakes

Have a good week.