Welcome to my littlebakersblog.com. My name is Myfanwy and I’m 15 years old.

I love baking especially cakes and pastries and I want to learn as much as I can about baking. Sometimes I use a recipe other times I will use what I can find in the cupboards and make up my own recipe.

My blog is about me trying out new recipes and learning about the world of baking

Miffy –20th January 2017

21 thoughts on “About

  1. My nan was talking to your mum today in the shop about your blog. Well done for setting it up I love cooking too especially cakes.

    • Hi Chloe – thank you for following me. I blog every Wednesday with what I’m going to try out in the week and then on the following Tuesday I post a picture of what I’ve done. Please feel free to bake along with me and post your bake, I’m doing Christmas cake and pudding this week. – Myfanwy

  2. Hey Miff – this is brilliant! Thanks to your mum who posted a link on Facebook I have finally made my way onto your famous blog! I will check in regularly. It’s really impressive – well done XXX Kate (Amy’s Mum)

  3. Met The Little Bakers at The Abergavenny Food Festival – my treats were fantastic! Esp. the ?double-choc brownies. When are you turning professional?
    Sue Ward, Crickhowell

  4. I remember meeting you at a CCC event in October 2013 (Spectacular Cakes). it’s really exciting to see you on the programme at the Abergavenny Food Festival this year!

  5. Hi Myfanwy, I wondered if we could meet and I could pick your brains about your demonstration at the Abergavenny Food Festival? I have a slot for this year and I’d like to know your thoughts. Scott suggested that you come to a half day bread baking class with me… I have an 11 year old daughter and a 14 year old son who may also want to join in. Rachael Watson (Abergavenny Baker) 07977 511337

  6. Hi there, I am from Welsh TV production company Boomerang and we are currently developing a new TV show celebrating kid foodies, please have your parent call for details if interested! 02074278413

  7. Hi Myfanwy,you are an inspirational young woman,and your cooking skills are amazing,sadly i am to cooking what a fish is to running.keep up the good work.steve x

  8. Hi Myfanwy, I’m looking to start a good blog too and any tips on how to start well would be amazing and very helpful! I googled teen food blogs and yours came up. Your blog is beautiful and the recipes look delicious x Rosie x

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