Opera Cake

Good Morning!

To help you push through the rest of this week I though I would give you a little chocolate post. Looking at this just makes my mouth water.

Coffee, almond & most importantly, CHOCOLATE  (whats not to love?)

This patisserie is called an Opera Cake (hence the pipping on top)

The Opera Cake was given its name due to its sophisticated element and was said it reminded the creator & patisserie chef, Cyriaque of the Opera House, Palais Garnier. When he was creating the Opera Cake he wanted to produce something that would give all the flavours in one mouthful, so different layers and textures of three flavours where built together to make a beautiful, layered patisserie.

The layers are:

Joconde (almond sponge)

Coffee syrup (soaked into the baked Joconde)

Chocolate Croustillant (chocolate coated, caramelised dried crepe pieces)

Chocolate Ganache

Coffee Buttercream

Chocolate Glaze

There are a fair few elements, but there are not lots of flavours complicating the cake. Just three classic flavours used in a clever way to create different textures.

So there you have it. The Opera Cake.



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