Hello, I am back with another weekly update. I heard this quote the other day and it has really stuck with me.

“Comfort is the enemy of progression”.

I am sure that when I say almost everyone would be able to agree with that quote, I’m not far wrong, and its ok to admit to not progressing in your life, because the place that you are in at the moment is comforting, but progression is good to go forward with.

Whether its your health that comfort is holding you back; to progress to live a healthier life style would give many benefiting factors. Or whether its hard to let go of items that give you comfort; progressing and moving forward to the next step might bring you even bigger and better things.

I can definitely put my hands up and say that, yes, I am guilty of staying in my comfort place, and it is definitely easier said that done to progress, but progression can also bring you even bigger comforts in life.


“Comfort is the enemy of progression”.




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