Back To Reality

Hello after a few weeks off I am back to blogging & reality.

The few weeks I have had off were spent on a sun bed, in restaurants eating and drinking lots of rosado and cookie ice creams, all of this happened in Ibiza, (unfortunately I can’t really lay on a sun bed in Wales without having an outdoor shower to drench me…), although I am quick to be mistaken as todays whether has been stunning. Lets hope I didn’t speak to soon and just ruined the weather for the rest of the week!

If you would like to see more of my holiday you can head over to my youtube channel,   and see my vlog which will be up very very soon.

Since coming back I have been thrown straight into the deep end, been put straight back into reality, this for me means work, college but worst of all the holiday meals out and 3 ice creams a day habit has had to be squashed. Now I am living off vegetables and potatoes and only sugar is allowed on the weekend. (Potatoes give me a bit more comfort over a carrot and even though it is not the best of foods to keep me healthy it kind of substitutes for the “no sugar during the week” rule). Personally I think that this rule should be considered as a serious issue, being deprived from sugar during the week is honestly so unfair on a child my age, (16).

I must say though whilst doing this healthy eating thing, it has been exceptionally hard to stick to the “sugar only on weekend rule”. Being I the industry that I am in, not testing the bakes that I make is very hard. The fact that I have being testing the bakes that I have been baking during this week, presumably means that I have failed. I would rather not put it like that though. Lets just say that I have had a few falls but I will slowly get back up over the next few weeks.

Tonight we are having family over so healthy eating goes out the window. (Can family & friends come over every day please, that would be very much appreciated).

Everything else in my life has been pretty standard other than my little holiday.

I am thinking next weeks blog could be more of a business side of things. What place I want to go to next in terms of business…

Enjoy your day



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