The First Hurdle

The first hurdle and I haven’t managed to post daily.

After my last post I’ve hardly had a second to sit down and just think, or lie down, eat lots of cake and watch a film, either way I look at it I have been busy….

If you’ve watched my last video ( on youtube ), you will know that last week was a very full on week, with  lots of long working days, so actually getting a chance to write this blog post has been near impossible.

Other than working long hours last week, it was a fairly normal week, apart from one unfortunate thing that happened to me.

In my family getting bad coldsores is a very common thing. My Cousins get them my Mam gets them, my Aunt and Granny, basically the whole family tree is affected by coldsores.  I was very fortunate to not have the ‘coldsore gene’ (although apparently everyone has it, its just some are dormant with people and some erupt, like a volcanoes). Before last week I had never had any signs of any coldsores, until now. I had hoped that it was a blemish (I say blemish as the word ‘Spot’ sounds vile) but unfortunately I am now a victim of the coldsore gene.

I did mention in my last post that I wanted this blog to be like a diary, and a diary is a very detailed thing. This is what is happening in my life, how ever disgusting it may sound, this is what is happening.

Other than my face being taken over by the use to be dormant, now erupted cold sore virus I have been planning quite a lot of stuff, being videos to film, what I would like to do next year…

I am currently in college doing a bakery course but it is at question at the moment as to wether I move on to something new for the next school year.

However busy I may be summer is still on its way, so just like everybody else in the world who is conscious, I am currently trying to be healthy.     This involves eating salad leaves for lunch and starving myself from sugar until I can’t cope and have to have something sweet ( I usually last a solid five minutes ).  However, there is one amazing soup recipe that I love to make ( but mainly eat ), which is a carrot and butternut squash soup.  I love this soup so much that one morning I decided that this would be great for breakfast, and it was, until an hour later on my way to college when I realized that actually it was not enough to fill me up just for the morning and that a Pain A Chocolat was well needed. It just so happened that The Angel Bakery was near to where I was and it was just calling my name. It was a great idea at the time to buy the Pain A Chocolate, until a few days later when me and my Mam where looking my bank statement and she saw the Bakery transaction. There was no way of getting out of that one…

I am sure that this has been enough of a ramble for todays post. But not to worry as there will be many more posts, with many more rambling segments.










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