Updates & Changes

I think it is well overdue if I where to say Happy New Year as we are know the second day into spring.  As you all could probably tell I am not the best at keeping update on this blog.

I set up this blog in 2013, as a young girl just posting about stuff that I would bake when I had free time. As I grew up I started to realise that a hobby of mine could lead to a career path. So I started to develop and mature my baking ideas from baking cupcakes on a weekend to making technical bakes and patisseries. By doing this I gained followers on my blog,  who where also passionate about baking jut like myself.

Since my last post on this blog quite a lot has happened in my life, as you would expect after 5 months. One of which being setting up my own online business, Myfbakes. I post on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (all under the name of Myfbakes).

My business is based on selling “Cakes & Bakes” around the area of South Wales, Monmouthshire.

Since my last post I led my attention to my online business, leaving my blog to sit in the background, until now. It recently hit me that my blog has given me the platform to stand out from other people trying to achieve the same thing like myself,  so why am I not giving it as much attention as it deserves. By starting up my blog at such a young age it has helped me to get jobs and amazing opportunities, so again I started to ask myself why have I just let it go so quickly and easily.

To give my blog the love that it deserves, from now on I am going to post daily, about my life, about what I am eating, where I am going and what I have been baking…  and at the end of the week I will write a summary post (or at least I will try my very best).

I want this blog to be like my own online daily diary, like a daily vlog but in writing.

I want to bring my followings from “Myfbakes” and “Littlebakersblog” together and interlink two, start to build something personal to myself, that my followers are going to enjoy to read and something for myself, to enjoy blogging again.

I hope that this post will be the start of building block to achieve something incredible.








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