Day 3 – Mince pies

Hello and welcome to Day 3 of ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlebakersblog’. Today’s bake is mince pies, now for my ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlebakersblog’ I am trying to make a tradition Christmas bake become something a bit different by incorporating different flavours or trying a different technique, and that’s exactly what I did with my mince pies. Just by adding orange zest into my sweet pastry it changes the whole mince pie, adding a whole other dimension. Also what I really suggest Is to make your own pastry, its really delicious when homemade. I made sweet shortcrust pastry and it really takes minutes to make. I really would recommend doing this especially if you love homemade mince pies. You really will impress your friends and family.
Merry Christmas


One thought on “Day 3 – Mince pies

  1. I love mince pies but have never tried them with orange zest in the pastry. I really must try this out.
    Have a good Christmas season,
    The Island of Me.

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