Day 1 – Chocolate Pots

Hello I hope you’re all having a lovely Christmas so far and baking lots because trust me I am. I have decided this year I’m going to do ‘The 12 Days Of Christmas’ or for my blog ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlebakersblog’, meaning every day from now to Christmas Eve I will be posting a bake on my blog. So to start off first day of ‘The 12 Bakes Of Littlebakersblog’ I have made spiced chocolate pots. Effectively this a chocolate ganache moose, filled with lots of Christmas spices such as orange, cinnamon and all spice. These are so delicious and such a quick pudding to whip up and is especially yummy served with a bit of whipped cream. I hope you look forward to all the more fun Christmas bakes I have lined up.
Merry Christmas


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