Funday Sunday Puddings

For this weeks Funday Sunday I’ve made a selection of mini puddings which is also known as a Cafe Groument.

My puddings consisted of a strawberry cheesecake, basil infused panna cotta, creme caramel, lemon meringue ice-cream and a shortbread biscuit.

It’s a lot of work but was worth it although when I came to serve my puddings I realised that a normal spoon was just a little bit too big for the glasses but luckily enough we had some baby spoons that came to the rescue




Chocolate leaves (part 2)

Following on with my decorations, this week I have been practicing hand piped chocolate leaves.  My last leaves were painted on to actual leaves to create the decoration and the detailed veins.  Today I am actually piping the leaves and also using cocktail sticks to give the leaves a bit more detail.

Although this looks simple it does take practice and hopefully I should soon be able to create a bake that tastes amazing and looks absolutely stunning.

I’ll end now as it’s time to get ready for the Great Sport Relief Bake Off.