Funday Sunday – Piggy Rolls

Hello everyone.  I hope you all had a great christmas and are starting an amazing new year.

To start off my new year, I thought that I would have a meddle about with my blog.  After lots of thinking of what I could do to make it more fun and interesting to read, I decided to do “Funday Sunday”.  As well as Funday Sunday I will be doing my technical bake, and posting that as usual on a wednesday.

Funday Sunday is where every Sunday I will post a fun bake.

Now what’s a better way than to spend your Sunday afternoon sitting next to the fire, with a cup of tea and sausage roll.  To me that is the perfect afternoon.

So for this weeks Funday Sunday I baked sausage rolls.  Or as I’m calling them “piggy rolls”.  The reason I have named them this is because on each sausage roll I have made a little pig face, out of pastry and pepper corns.

These look really sweet and look super impressive. IMG_4091IMG_4075




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