Christmas Bakes

Just a quick hello from me.

It’s been very busy here this week as  I have been baking lots of simple traditional christmasy bakes.  I think  the traditional ones are the best.

I’ve made

  • Coffee cake
  • Sausage rolls
  • Mince pies
  • Lemon drizzle
  • Chocolat yule log
  • Ham

I was also going to make some christmas truffles this evening made from christmas pudding that my Godmother suggested I tried but in all the Christmas rush I forgot to buy some of the ingredients (oppps).

Have a lovely christmas.


Chocolate yule log

Christmas is here in our house and so it made sense to do a Christmas bake and what better than a chocolate yule log which is a sponge with achocolate ganache,  whipped cream and chocolate buttercream icing.

This is not an ordinary sponge as there is no butter. This makes the sponge very dense but in a nice way.

This was a bake had lots of steps. To start  you bake your sponge in a very shallow tin (this is so you are able to roll the sponge). Once the sponge was baked you had to roll it up whilst it was still hot if you did this when cold the sponge would crack. Then you had to unroll the sponge once it had cooled down and a layer of chocolate ganache spread onto the sponge and topped with whipped cream. Then you re rolled the sponge, wrap it in cling film and put it in the fridge to let it set.

Once the cake has cooled it is  in chocolate buttercream. I added a bit of a twist to my yule log but making a chocolate orange buttercream. This was nice as it gave it a slight edge.

I enjoyed rolling up the sponge but obviously the best bit was eating while sitting next to the fire with a cup of tea.





Lemon Posset

This weeks bake was lemon posset with a biscuit crumb topping.   We went out to lunch on Sunday so I made this as a pudding, and I got very good comments.  I haven’t made lemon posset before and it is quite simple and more importantly very yummy.

Lemon posset is a bit like a mousse just not as thick.

To make this al you need is :- 

  • Double cream
  • Lemon juice and zest
  • Sugar

Very quick to make but it does take up to 4 hours to cool  and set in the fridge which isn’t ny good if  want to whip up a quick pudding.

To serve I added a  crumbed shortbread biscuit that I made, with a simple raspberry coulis and some raspberriesIMG_6358.  The biscuit adds a nice crunch and the coulis a refreshing combination with the lemon flavour.

All in all a fun, quick and simple pudding.