Perhaps the best week ever as it is chocolate week.

I started my week with the signature bake and I went with a  chocolate fondant tart.  Which is made up of a short crust pastry base and a chocolate fondant filling.  I managed to put my hand through my first shortcrust base so had to start again.  I don’t think I will ever do that again.  The fondant is made from flour, eggs, sugar and butter and chocolate.  The butter and chocolate is melted and then the sugar and is added to the melted mixture and the eggs are quickly whisked in before they scramble.


My chocolate creation was a sheep which consisted of a shortbread base with twos layers of melted white chocolate then on top of the white chocolate I made white truffles which I fixed in place by using melted chocolate.  To finish off my sheep I piped on milk chocolate that made up his face and also used some for his little legs.

I’m really looking forward to the final and think Nadia will be the winner……….

IMG_3771IMG_3774 IMG_3775IMG_3779IMG_3794