Hello, sorry I haven’t posted for a while but I have been in france lying next tho the pool, heaven.

So for this weeks bake I made pizzas for me and my Mam’s dinner. They where so nice!

Even though this is more cooking  rather than baking, I did make my own dough.

I had so much fun making these. Me and my Mam choose are toppings, and the pizzas where just soooo yummy.

I also made this seriously yummy tomato sauce for the pizza.

I had a bit of dough at the end so I had  ago at making a pizza calzone, which is a pizza that has a folded over dough top. It was nice but for me it was to doughy.

I love pizzas so for me this bake was perfect.

I had so much fun doing this and next time I would liIMG_5588ke to try out some different toppings.

(My toppings was pesto, mozzarella, tomatoes, ham)

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