A quick blog before todays blogging chance goes.

I never used to like scones, but a couple of years ago I went to The Angel, and they had scones there, and since then I haven’t been able to get enough of them; especially with clotted cream, which I love.

So as I had a day off today, and me and my Mam were having a picnic and I thought it would be nice to have some scones.

To make scones the best that they can be and have a nice rise, the mixture can’t be over worked when kneading your dough you are converting the protein in the flour to gluten and overworking will create chewy, tough scones.

The scones turned out nice and brown and it is the best recipe, just like the recipes title says.

The recipe made 14 and already we only have 10 left, which says that scones just don’t last in our house.IMG_3353

2 thoughts on “Scones

  1. Loved the look of your scones, please could I have your recipie. Saw you at Abergavenny food fair, you were great, keep it up !!!

    • Thank you for your kind words. My scone recipe is

      350g self raisingflour
      pinch of salt
      1 teaspoon baking powder
      85g cubed butter
      3 tablespoons castor sugar
      175ml of milk
      1 beaten egg

      Jam and clotted cream to serve

      Heat oven to 20 Celsius

      Sift the flour salt and baking powder into a bowl and mix together
      rub in butter until you have mixture that resemble bread crumbs
      stir in sugar
      heat milk in microwave for about 30 seconds
      make well in the dry mixture and add the warm milk
      combine the scone mixture together
      On a floured surface roll out the scone mixture to 5 cms thick
      Using a 5cm cutter cut your scones
      place scones on a lined baking tray and brush with beaten egg
      bake for 10 minutes.

      These scones are best eaten warm with jam and cream. They can also be frozen.


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