We have a family tradition whereby if we go to a family members house for supper we all take a pudding and this is going to be my next pudding that I take to one of our family get togethers and it will beat my granny’s pavlova.

Panacotta is is an Italian Dessert made of cream, milk, sugar and gelatine.  I had intended to follow the recipe from my big Patisserie book but when I was in Waitrose they had a recipe in one of their give away booklets for basil infused panacotta with berries soaked in balsamic vinegar and sugar so I decided to go with this recipe as basil is one of favourites.

Panacotta is a fairly easy pudding to make the only hard bit is having wait for it to set (it takes six hours) before you can eat it.

To make the panacotta the milk, sugar and basil are bought to the boil and then left to cool while the basil infuses it’s flavour into the liquid.  When the milk mixture has cooled melted gelatine is added to the mixture as is the cream.  Sieve the mixture to remove the basil and any lumps and pour into bowls or as I did into some tea cups.  Leave to set for six hours in the fridge.  Mix together balsamic vinegar and brown sugar until the sugar has dissolved pour over a mixture of berries and serve with the set panacotta……………… yummy

Another little trick is always to check you have all ingredients before cooking otherwise you have to do what I did and ring our lovely neighbour Sharon to borrow the missing ingredients.


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