Baking Competition

This weeks bake was all about baking for the 4th Great Abergavenny Bake off.  A competition held in aid of Cancer Research and Sarcoma UK.  There were some amazing cakes in the competition and I got lots of ideas for me to try out at home.

I entered two bakes.  Rosie Rhubarb Fairy Cakes in the Cupcake Cake section and an Orange & Almond Cake in the Traditional Bake section.

For some reason my baking was all over the place this weekend and I kept burning my cakes and couldn’t get my cupcakes to taste right.  After burning two Orange & Almond cakes I managed on my third cake to get it right and I came third in the competition.  Unfortunately my fairy cakes didn’t win.IMG_3114

The nice thing about the competition is that people are able to bid for the cakes which raises more money for the cancer charities.

The Orange & Almond cake is a gluten and dairy free cake and requires oranges to boiled for over two hours this makes the cake very moist.  I then covered the cake in an icing sugar and cream mix which is then topped off with toasted flaked almonds and a bit of orange zest to add colour.

The fairy cakes were a version of my Rosie Rhubarb cake but instead of making my normal rhubarb jam I made a rhubarb compote which I think wasn’t the best of ideas.

Perhaps not the cheapest of bakes because of the problems but I had fun and it all helped raise money for charity.


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