Chocolate Eclairs

This week I cheated a little bit and didn’t follow my Patisserie book this is  because I’ve been wanting to make chocolate eclairs for ages and so I jumped over to my Mary Berry cookbook for todays bake.

Chocolate eclairs are made from a choux pastry which is made by heating water and butter until melted and then adding flour and mixing until you have a ball of paste.  Two eggs are then added to the mixture and mixed till you have a smooth and glossy mixture which is then piped onto grease proof paper and baked.

The pastry is cooked at a high temperature for 10 minutes and then the heat is reduced for 20 minutes to allow the pastry to rise.

When the eclairs been cooked and cooled down they are sliced down the middle and filled with whipped cream and then a mixture of melted chocolate, icing sugar and butter  are mixed together to form the chocolate topping which is spread onto of the eclairs.

These eclairs were absolutely yummy and i’m so glad I deviated from my book this week.


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