Soda Bread

My bake this week is soda bread although a simple bake i wanted to try it out as unlike normal bread soda bread has no yeast in it and you dont have to prove it or kneed it.  This makes it a very quick bread to make.

The dough has two diffrtent flours these are Plain flour and strong white bread flour which you mix with buttermilk and water.

Once you have mixed the dough togher you then shape it into into a round ball.

Flatten the dough whith your hands and then get a sharp knife and make a deep cross on the top of the dough.

Lightly sprinkle plain flour over the dough and place in a preheated oven for 40 minutes until golden brown.

This bread tastes like any other bread and also makes great toast!

Did you know:-

In Ireald where soda bread comes from they sometimes use stout instead of buttermilk.

The cross ontop of the bread is meant to keep the devil away.


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