Eccles Cakes

This week I made Eccles Cakes. I have never tried Eccles cakes before, and I thought it would be nice to try and bake them.

I thought they tasted a bit like mince pies.

Eccles Cakes originally come from Lancashire and traditionally they would be eaten with Lancashire cheese and as weird as it sounds I must say it is actually quite nice.

I made a rough puff pastry by getting hardened butter, flour, salt and water and mixing it in until it formed a dough. I then placed it in the freezer for 45 minutes.

Whilst the pastry was hardening I made my filling out of all spice, zest of an orange, grated nutmeg, melted butter and dark soft brown sugar.

I then removed the pastry from the freezer and rolled it out  thinly and then cut the pastry out into 10 squares.

I placed a teaspoon of mixture in the middle of the squares and wrapped them up into parcel and shaped them into circles.

Then to finish off I brushed the parcels  with egg whites to give it a glaze and sprinkled golden caster sugar on top.

Just before putting them in the oven, make three slits in them on the top  so that the steam can get out.

Cook them for 15 minutes until golden brown.IMG_3339

I enjoyed this bake but I think next time I should do smaller cuts so that I don’t get lots of the mixture poring out.

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