Chocolate swiss roll

This week I made chocolate swiss roll. This is not the first time I’ve made swiss roll. I tried to make it a couple of weeks ago but I think I over cooked the sponge as when I came to roll it, it crumbled all over the place.

This week was much better.

I used Merry Berrys recipe which does not contain any flour, and  I think it makes the  cake a lot lighter.

The key ingredients were eggs, coco power, baking powder, chocolate and sugar.

To help make the cake as light as it was I needed to separate the egg whites and whisk them until they formed peaks.  This is then folded into a melted chocolate and egg yolk mix, which forms a kind of mousse.

I then baked it and whilst waiting for it to cook I whisked up the cream for the centre of the swiss roll.

Once the sponge was cooked I let it cool this is to help it stay in shape when rolling it out.

When the sponge had cooled i laid it on a sheet of baking paper covered with icing sugar, this so that when IIMG_3299 finished rolling the swiss roll it would have icing sugar on the outside.

Before rolling I spread  the cream over the sponge and I then started to roll the sponge with the help of the baking paper.

This was a fun bake especially after making such a flop of the first attempt.



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