Jam Tarts

This week i made a bake for me which is jam tarts and i absolutely love them,.

The pastry was shourtcrust, i have made this pastry before and i really enjoyed kneading and rolling out the dough because it was so soft and easy to work with.

Once i made the pastry i cut them out with biscuit cutters and put them into youkshire pudding trays because we didn’t have tartlet trays and then i added lemon curd in half of the batch and with the rest i put raspberry jam in.

After that i put them in the oven for 15 minuets and the pastry was nice and brown and the jam was jelly like after it had cooled.

In addition to my bake i have submitted my recipe for my staberry rose cake to the clandestine cake club who are producing a book of its members recipes, i won’t know for a while if it been includede but i made me realise its not just a case of writing a recipe i had to write down how i do everything which normally i just do but thinking about it its actually quite hard

Did you know:- Tarts are always made with shortcrust pastry.  Jam tarts only really came about when sugar was available as before sugar all there was,IMG_2816 was honey and this no good for making jam.  Sugar was very expensive so a jam tart was a big treat.


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