Lemon Tart

This week baked lemon tart especially for my Godmother Andrena because its one of her favourites and I thought I needed to practise before I go and stay with her in the summer.  The recipe said to make the pastry on the worktop.  I have never do this before  and I really liked making the pastry this way because I felt like I had more control over it but I didn’t have control over one of the yolks as it escaped from the dough mixture.

I do need to practise the rolling and laying out my pastry as every time I make a pastry base my sides are not level.

Did you know :- Tarte au citron is the French for lemon tart but it isn’t  actually originally from France. They say it came from the Mediterranean because most of the ingridents comes from there.

In france the most famous town to make these lemon tarts is called ‘ Menton ‘ which is in the south east of France.

Each year they have a lemon festival and the tarts are a big part of the festival. IMG_2567

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