French Fancies second time around

After such a disaster last week I decided to try out French Fancies again.

This time they worked out better because I made some changes.

1. The cakes weren’t as tall because I baked them this time  in a larger tin which meant the mixture spread out more so they weren’t as tall as last week.

2. I covered the cakes with butter icing on five sides but last week I only covered the top.  This meant that the icing stuck to the cake better.

3.The fondant was smother because I spilt the icing into batches so I didn’t get lots cake crumbs in the icing.

4. I googled lots of sites to find out the best way to make French fancies and also the best way to do the fondant icing fondant .

So this week I’m much happier with my bake.

Did you know:-

Icing is a mixture of sugar with water, egg white, or butter and is used as a coating for cakes and biscuits.  There are lots of different icing’s and the list below is just a few of them :-IMG_2848





Cream Cheese Icing

Royal Icing




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