Tea Loaf

IMG_2866This was a fun bake and was quicker than I thought it would be.

You mix together a dough, you let it prove for an hour then you roll out the dough, sprinkle the fruit and spices over the dough then roll it altogether and bake it.  Once the loaf has cooled you get to drizzle icing all over it and then you serve it with butter.

Did you know – Tea loaf is an English cake usually with cinnamon and fruit.  Tea loaf originally came from Yorkshire. The company called ‘Yorkshire tea’ used to make a tea loaf but they stopped in 2001 because it wasn’t very popular.


French Fancies second time around

After such a disaster last week I decided to try out French Fancies again.

This time they worked out better because I made some changes.

1. The cakes weren’t as tall because I baked them this time  in a larger tin which meant the mixture spread out more so they weren’t as tall as last week.

2. I covered the cakes with butter icing on five sides but last week I only covered the top.  This meant that the icing stuck to the cake better.

3.The fondant was smother because I spilt the icing into batches so I didn’t get lots cake crumbs in the icing.

4. I googled lots of sites to find out the best way to make French fancies and also the best way to do the fondant icing fondant .

So this week I’m much happier with my bake.

Did you know:-

Icing is a mixture of sugar with water, egg white, or butter and is used as a coating for cakes and biscuits.  There are lots of different icing’s and the list below is just a few of them :-IMG_2848





Cream Cheese Icing

Royal Icing




French Fancies

This week I made Fondant Fancies or better known as French fancies.

This was one of my hardest bakes so far because as I found it very difficult to cover the cake with the fondant icing as well as getting the icing to the right consistency.  I also had problems with the cake splitting in half when I was putting the icing on the cake and this meant I had lots of cake crumbs in the icing bowl making my fancies look messy.

The actual bake went well and found putting the marzipan on the sponge fun.

I’m not very happy with my bake this week so I am going to try it again for my next blog.


French Fancies are a Mr Kipling invention and were one of the 20 cakes that were launched by Mr Kipling when he first started in 1967 and then in 2008 Mr Kipling made a big party french fancy cake.

French fancies and fondant fancies are the sameIMG_2826.  Fondant fancies are what supermarkets and homebakers call their cakes and French Fancies are what Mr Kipling calls his.

Lots and lots of cakes

This week has been a very busy week. I made 120 cupcakes for my Granny’s wedding and with the help of my cousins we iced them and decorated them all with top hats, bow ties and head dresses with veils.  Then on Sunday I baked a cake for The Great Abergavenny Bake Off Competition.











I made a summer celebration cake that was a five tiered cake filled with strawberries and a strawberry cream and then covered all over with a rose topping.  For the decoration I made another cake but this time I coloured the cake mixture with red food colouring and then when the cake had cooled down I crumbled the sponge so I could sprinkle it around the top of my celebration cake.

IMG_2474                          IMG_2485

This time there were no accidents on the way to the competition.  My cake was judged by Simon @1861restaurant and Danielle from @lovetheangel and I came second winning a wooden spoon to go with my chris Evans Rolling pin that I won in the Cake V’s Pies Competition and also a lovely certificate that I am going to frame.





I use baking powder in my cake mix.

Did you know that:-  Baking powder is a mix of baking soda, cream of tartar and cornstarch.  It works a bit like yeast but is more quicker and starts to work when it touches water.  The baking powder forms a gas that makes the cake mixture light.