Millionaire’s Shortbread

This week I made Millionaire’s shortbread and it was a fun bake but it didn’t challenge me like some of my bakes do.


Millionaire’s shortbread is a layer of shortbread with a toffee middle and topped off with chocolate.

When I bake shortbread I find that the recipes with semolina in them are the best because it gives the shortbread a nicer crunchier taste and is not as floury as some shortbreads.

The toffee sauce took a long time to thicken and you can’t stop stirring the mixture as the sugar will burn. My arm now aches.

Did you know:-  the reason millionaires shortbread has the word million is because of the caramel and the chocolate which was very expensive to buy & make in the Elizabethan times when it was thought to have originated.

Shortbread is a scottish biscuit and candied orange peel and almonds were added for special occasions in the 19th century. At the same time baking chocolate and sweetened, condensed milk were also added which created the millionaire shortbread.





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