Floating Islands

This weeks blog was really really hard.  I decided to bake floating islands which is a poached meringue floating on a bed of Creme anglaise (custard).  It is a clever recipe because the meringues use egg whites and the leftover egg yolks are then used for the creme anglaise.

Once I made the meringue mixture I then shaped the meringue into quenelles using two tablespoons.  The trick was to keep the spoons wet and clean so that the quenelles were smooth and could easily slip off the spoons and into the poaching liqued which was made up of cream, milk and vanilla bean paste.  The quenelles are gently poached for ten minutes and then placed on a cooling rack.


(checking the meringue is stiff enough by turning the bowl upside down – if it’s okay it won’t fall on your head!)



The egg yolks and sugar are then added to the poaching liqued and whisked together to over a hob until it has thickened to make the creme anglaise.


Did you know:-

A Floating island is a French dessert, also known as ile flottante.  Crème anglaise is thought to have originated from ancient Rome where eggs were used as thickeners to create custards and creams.


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