Brandy Snaps

Wow another week gone by!  This week I thought I would try my hand at brandy snaps.  Initially I thought I was going to have to get some special moulding tools in but the more I read the more I find I can use items in the kitchen to help me shape the snaps so pop by next week to see what I’ve used and what shapes I’ve come up with!!

Hope you all have a good week.


Brandy snaps all made. I had great fun making them although my first batch went wrong as I didn’t realise they would spread on the baking tray. So it all became one big blob. Once I got myself sorted they started to look like Brandy Snap. I also learnt that a wooden spoon has many uses!

DID YOU KNOW – Traditionally,brandy snaps were made at Fairs and seasonal markets. They were usually made from honey, treacle or molasses. The first record of Brandy Snaps was at the Herefordshire Fair in the early 1900s. There is also a legend dating back to the 14th Century that says the brandy snap was invented by the French or Belgians who called them gaufrettes and they were eaten on market day.

Wee I Hope you’re enjoying the Sports Relief Great British Bake off, I’ll be back tomorrow with this weeks bake.



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