Bara Maen – Muffins

Happy New Everybody I hope you all had fun – I had a lovely time at our village hall New years Eve Great Gatsby Party with lots of cocktails (no I wasn’t allowed the alcohol ones!) and dancing.

This week I’m going to cook Bara Maen or perhaps you will know them as muffins.

I’ll be back on Tuesday but in the meantime I hope your 2014 is full of fun and giggles.

Myfy – x

I started back at school yesterday and to help motivate me out of bed I’ve been having the muffins I made on Sunday with some lovely honey for breakfast. Unfortunately I only have one left so I guess come Thursday there will be lots of calling out from Mam to check that I’m up!!!!

Making the muffins wasn’t quick as you have to let the dough prove and rest so theres a lot of waiting but it was a nice calm bake for a Sunday afternoon. I really liked the soft feel to the dough.

DID YOU KNOW – “English muffins” come from the ancient Welsh tradition of cooking small round yeast cakes known as “bara” [bread] “maen” [stone] on bakestones. “English muffins” were later cooked on a griddle.

They say muffins should be spilt with a fork rather than a knife to create a rough surface which will become crunchy after toasting the muffin.

Thats me for today and I’ll be back tomorrow with my bake for the week.



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