Sausage Rolls

I hope you all had a great Christmas and got lots of lovely presents. I got lots of baking bits and bobs including chef’s whites with my name on them and can’t wait to use them all, sooo, this week I am going to bake sausage rolls.

Google says sausage rolls are a fast food I’m not so sure they are that fast to make but homemade sausage meat and rough puff pastry all put together do make some yummy sausage rolls. I had great fun using the mincing attachment on the mixer to mince my meat although I had to use Utube to find out how to put all the different bits together!

DID YOU KNOW – in the 18th century sausage rolls would have been made with shortcrust pastry and that Greggs sell over 140 million sausage rolls a year.

Well thats me for this year I will be back on 1st January. Have a happy new year and see you in 2014.



This week I’m going to make up some little Christmas hampers, I’ve got a few ideas of what I’m going to put in them but I need to work out if I have time to do everything. Pop back next Tuesday to see what I put into my hamper.

Phew – a busy bake this week but hampers now done. Lots of chocolates which were great fun to make (especially as Sharon let me lose in her kitchen), Homemade sweet and savoury biscuits, butter, cheese and cranberry sauce. I’m off now to hang my stocking up for Father Christmas and to think about next weeks bake. Have a lovely Christmas (Nadolig Llawen) – x


Christmas Presents

I break up from school this week so I thought it would be nice to bake a little present for all my year group and teachers, so I’ve decided to make some mini shortbread and little cupcakes and wrap them up in cellophane with pretty ribbon. I’m also going to decorate my christmas cake. Lovely Sharon popped round this evening with some ideas for decorating them, so pop back next week to see my bake.

I made over seventy little gifts for my year group and everyone loved them..This evening Ive had the best time putting up Christmas decorations and finishing off my 9 Christmas cakes all while watching a Christmas film. I’m now starting to feel all festive. IMG_0159

Cheese Straws

This week I thought I would try out cheese straws so do pop back next Tuesday to take a look at the results.

Cheese straws…….. they were great fun and I’ve learnt how to make rough puff pastry. I took them out of the oven a little bit too soon and after eating half of one realised that they needed a bit more baking. So back into the oven for another five minutes and out they came looking and tasting yummy. We had them as nibbles last night when my Godfather Graham came all the way from London to bring me lots of Christmas presents it was a fun evening.IMG_0098