Christmas House

The topping on my eclairs was dull so I started to find out why and read about tempering and blooming chocolate!!!  So while it’s all technical stuff I thought I would concentrate on getting my chocolate right and it is a good excuse to be able to have chocolate and bake (well it is Christmas in four weeks so I need to start practising my chocolate eating skills) so this week I am going to make a chocolate Christmas House.

I will see you next week with my house if I haven’t eaten some or all of it.  

Bye for now

I made my Chocolate Christmas house on Sunday which I thought left me time lots of time to photograph it for tonights blog but that plan went wrong when the heat from the kitchen softened my chocolate and part of the house collapsed. I’ve managed to repair it a bit but it’s not as good as when I first finished it. As for my tempering that went very well and I learnt that different chocolates require different heat.IMG_9979

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